24 October 2012

Bourjois 2 in 1 tweezers and Faux & fabulous eyelashes

I've always loved the idea of false eyelashes, but up till now I've struggled to apply them. Luckily though, Bourjois recognised this struggle and since discovering their new 2 in 1 tweezers and false eyelash applicator, the whole process has become a lot easier:

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The duo ended applicator has a widened curved 'tweezer', which grabs onto the false eyelashes and ensures an easy placement along the natural lashline. The other end has a soft angled tip, which allows you to gently press the false eyelashes into place. Best of all, this nifty plastic device retails for only £4.99 and is available now from Boots and Superdrug.

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Along with the handy applicator, Bourjois have also branched out into false eyelashes. Their new Faux and fabulous range has 5 lashes to choose from. Rock chic and Lady in black are both quite daring, whereas More volume and Smokey eyes are designed to enhance your natural lashes. Finally if you'd like something a bit more on trend, then check out their Miss couture lace eyelashes which have been designed in colloboration with Paperself.

Do you also struggle with applying false eyelashes? What are your top tips for an easy application?


  1. Oooh i will have to try these, I always have a struggle getting them on although not sure they suit me!!!


  2. I wish we could get our hands on Boujois in the states ): If I ever go to the U.K, I decided I'm taking an empty suitcase so I can shop to my heart's content!


    1. It's a shame they're not in the US. You guys have so many fab brands though, and I'd do the same if I ever came to visit x

  3. what a neat little tool...
    i don't really have any tips..just wing it most of the time lol

  4. That's so handy! I'll definitely have to get one of these
    X Rose

  5. Oooh, those eyelashes are so cool! I love the Lady in black ones, they remind me of Twiggy! xx

    1. I see what you mean! Glad you like the eyelashes x

  6. lovelyyyyyyyyyy! thank for the post!



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