February empties/Project bathroom update

Despite being an eventful month, February seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye. It seemed like only yesterday that I was celebrating my 6 year anniversary, and now here I am writing another empties post. Project bathroom started off quite slowly, but then towards the end of the month, everything just seemed to finish at once! Here's what I've managed to use up this February.

Naked volume body building shampoo, Pantene aqua light shampoo, Superdrug Vitamin E face cream, Organic surge blissful daily moisturiser, Dove firming nourishing body lotion, Maxfactor false lash effect mascara, Project bathroom, February empties
 February empties - Naked volume body building shampoo
Pantene aqua light shampoo
Superdrug Vitamin E face cream
Organic surge blissful daily moisturiser
Dove firming nourishing body lotion
Maxfactor false lash effect mascara

For once, I actually like every single one of the products listed above. The Naked body building shampoo is great if you want SLS free haircare on a budget, and the Pantene aqua light shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes without leaving a residue or weighing down my hair.

I probably wouldn't repurchase the Vitamin E face cream again, but back in the day, it used to be my favourite moisturiser. I do like the Organic surge face cream though, and would probably buy it again next Winter.  

Dove nourishing body lotion was the product that I was most sad about finishing. It was rich and creamy, but still felt light and quick absorbing on the skin. Plus I really liked it's light floral scent. And as for Maxfactor false lash effect mascara? Well it's one of my favourite mascaras and I've already got a back up just waiting for be opened!

How did you get on this month? What's your favourite high street mascara?

The Body Shop community fair trade and new Brazil nut range

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Gaston Vizcarra, owner of Candela and community fair trade supplier to The Body Shop. I've always known that The Body Shop supported the use of ethical ingredients and community fair trade, but it wasn't until meeting Gaston that I sat down and thought about what that really meant for the producers:

The body shop community fair trade
  The Body Shop community fair trade

The body shop community fair trade, The body shop, Brazil nut oil, Candela, Gaston vizcarra
The Body Shop community fair trade - Gaston Vizcarra

One of their motto's is Trade not aid, and I think that sums it up perfectly. It's a mutually beneficial relationship which provides long term support and investment for the supplier. The Body Shop (and it's customers) get quality ingredients, and the workers are guaranteed safe working conditions and fair pay.

Women are able to support their families and there's even a self esteem programme in place to help them realise their worth. There's an environmental impact too. Because there's money to be made from brazil nuts, less trees are cut down for timber, thus safeguarding the forests and providing a source of income for future generations.

The body shop, Community fair trade, Brazil nuts, Brazil nut oil
The Body Shop Brazil nuts

Take Brazil nut oil for example, when Gaston founded Candela, he came to the UK with just one coca cola bottle of Brazil nut oil to sell. They now produce over 7000 tonnes per year and the oil is used in everything from my favourite Hemp hand protector to the eyeshadow shimmer cubes.

What I enjoyed most though was his personal stories of the Amazon rain forest. To collect the Brazil nuts, the men would load their boat with supplies and be out for hours at a time, often in wet, humid conditions. As you'd expect, the sacks are heavy, and being able to carry one is almost like a rite of passage for young men in the area. And for those of you that want to travel the rain forests, Gaston advises always taking a lamp and a knife (once they got lost and almost walked into a lion's den), and in the heat of summer, don't stand still for too long else you'd make the local mosquitos very happy!

The body shop, The body shop brazil nut range, Community fair trade
The Body Shop Brazil nut range

The body shop brazil nut body scrub, The body shop, Community fair trade
The Body Scrub Brazil nut range

You may remember that a few years ago, The Body shop did a limited edition Brazil nut range? Well it'll be back in stores from April 2013 (this time permanently) and they've added in some new products too. My top picks: the body scrub which smells like a tub of creamy milk chocolate, and of course their body butter, which is more nutty in flavour, but perfect for keeping my skin soft and moisturised.

What do you think about community fair trade? Were you a fan of the original Brazil nut range?

Pamper night essentials

Last week was super busy for me and as a result, I was left feeling absolutely exhausted. So in a bid to feel more Monday ready and perked up, I decided to treat myself to a bit of a pamper night:

Organic surge million dollar brown sugar body polish, Balance me super toning body oil, Glam glow face mask, Neom contentment candle
Pamper night essentials

Now you all know how much I love Neom, and no pamper night would be complete without a scented candle burning in the background. I opted for Neom Contentment candle, which is made up of buchu, nutmeg and ginger. Despite what it said on the website, I couldn't detect any notes of blackberry, instead it's more of a leafy pine scent. It's very reviving though, so just what I needed after such a long week.

Candle lit, it was time to remove my make up and pop on a face mask. Glam glow comes out as a grainly clay based mask, with small chunks of green tea leaves. I had a 5ml sample satchet, and I found that was just the right amount for my face. After a minute or so, it really starts to tingle, and within 5 minutes, it dries to a hard clay mask. The results are worth though, because as soon as I washed it off, my skin felt detoxed, and it looked brighter and more radiant.

Organic surge brown sugar body polish, Organic surge million dollar body scrub
Organic surge brown sugar body polish

Next up, was some good old exfoliation with Organic Surge brown sugar body polish. Like the Neom real luxury body scrub, this is suspended in oil, so leaves behind a light film on the skin. I found the sugar grains to be coarse and scrubby, but not harsh enough to be scratchy. The addition of bergamot and orange essential oils gave it the most amazing sweet citrus scent, plus it helps to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, which always a bonus.

Finally, I used Balance Me super toning body oil to keep my skin extra soft and supple. The good thing about a body oil is that it'll take a little longer to sink in, so you can really take your time and give your skin a good massage. I loved the spa like scent of this one and for a body oil, it felt surprisingly light and non greasy on the skin. On a more practical note, it comes with a pop up cap so it was a lot easier to control when pouring out the oil.

Beauty routine done, it was time to change into pyjamas, snuggle up in bed and catch up on my favourite blog and Youtube videos, all whilst enjoying a mug of yummy mint hot chocolate!

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your favourite pampering treats?

Ding Hao restaurant review

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know how much I love dim sum. I'd go so far as to say it's my favourite meal, and over the years, I must have tried it at dozens of restuarants. Today, I wanted to review Ding Hao, which is currently my top choice for dim sum in London:

Ding Hao, Ding hao restaurant review, Ding hao london chinatown, Dim sum
Ding Hao London restaurant review

What I like about Ding Hao is that that they have menu sheet, so you just tick off what you want to order. This makes it so much easier and it comes in especially handy when you have a big group of people (imagine trying to remember 15 dishes for the waiter)! Service is usually quite fast, although there's no starter, main concept so the dishes will arrive as and when they're ready.

Ding hao restaurant review, Dim sum, Dumplings
Ding Hao restaurant review - a selection of dim sum dumplings

Ding hao restaurant review, London chinatown, Dim sum, Vietnamese spring rolls
 Vietnamese spring rolls and lemon dipping sauce

As for the food, well it's just delicious! Tasty little bite sized dumplings, crispy fried dishes and meat filled cheung fun, all washed down with a bowl of their spicy prawn dumpling soup. Most restauants do similar dim sum dishes, but the reason that I keep going back to Ding Hao is that their dishes just taste that little bit better compared to the other restaurants I've been to. That and the fact that they give you 2 types of chilli sauce to go with your meal!

Ding hao restaurant review, London chinatown, Dim sum, Char sui cheung fun
 Char sui cheung fun (BBQ pork filled noodle rolls)

Ding hao restaurant review, London chinatown, Dim sum, Wafer wrapper king prawns
 Wafer wrapper king prawns

Ding hao restaurant review, London chinatown, Dim sum, Spicy hot prawn dumpling soup
Spicy dumpling soup

Bar one occasion (when we had a big dinner party), I've always been impressed with the service. They also have a nice pink and red decor, which I think gives it a touch of luxury and authenticity. Overall, one of my favourite restaurants in London Chinatown and definitely one to check out if you love dumplings as much as I do.
Ps. Ding Hao used to be called Top of the town. Dim sum is only served before 5pm, but if you go on a weekday afternoon, then there's a small discount on all dishes.

Have you ever been for dim sum? What's your favourite dish?

Real Techniques starter set for eyes

I really am late to the party with this one. Samantha Chapman launched her Real Techniques brushes back in 2012 and it's taken me until now to try out the starter set for eyes:

Real techniques starter set for eyes, Real techniques eye make up brushes

Inside the pack you'll find 5 brushes, as well as a 2 in 1 padded travel case and stand. On first impressions, I thought all the brushes were soft and non scratchy. The purple handle seems quite basic, but I like the fact that they have a rubber grip at the end, as that stops it rolling around on the table.

Real techniques starter set for eyes, Real techniques eye make up brushes, Real techniques, Samatha Chapman, Pixiwoo
Real Techniques starter set for eyes

Up till now, I've only ever used 1 or 2 brushes to do my eye make up, but having tried these, it really does help having a full set of brushes to hand. The base shadow brush is perfect size for my small eyelids, and it does a great job of dispersing the colour evenly. The deluxe crease brush is wider, less curved and more densely packed, so perfect for blending all the colours together. This was the one brush that I didn't already have a dupe for, and it really does make a big difference to the overall look.

Real techniques starter set for eyes, Real techniques eye make up brushes, Eyeliner brush, Accent brush, Base shadow brush, Deluxe crease brush, pixel point eyeliner brush, Real techniques case and stand,
Real Techniques starter set for eyes

As the name suggests, the accent brush is great for adding highlight to the inner corners of my eye. Because it's got such a small surface area, it also works well for tight lining the eyes. The actual eyeliner brush is longer and less precise, so better suited for nights out, when I want more of a smokey look. Finally, there's the brow brush, which has now become an everyday essential for me. It picks up eyeshadow very easily though, so unless you want a strong brow, use with a light hand and tap off any excess before applying.

Overall, I think this is a great value starter set. For £21.99 you get 5 quality brushes, as well as a handy travel case. Definitely one to consider if you're just starting to get into make up or if you want to expand your brush collection without breaking the bank. 

Real techniques starter set for eyes, RRP £21.99, available at Boots.com

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes? How do you usually apply your eye make up?

LFW: Backstage and catwalk at Eugene Lin AW13

Once again, London Fashion Week seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye! On Monday morning, I headed back to Freemason Hall, this time to go backstage and watch the new AW13 Cupide de locke collection from Singaporean born designer Eugene Lin:

 Eugene Lin AW13 - Lan Nguyen-Grealis working her magic back stage

 Eugene Lin AW13 - The Body Shop make up

Eugene Lin AW13 - The finished look

Compared to Saturday, the atmosphere was a lot calmer backstage. I managed to grab 5 minutes with head make up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis who described the look as modern, edgy and war like. In keeping with Eugene Lin's structured collection, lashings of Kohl liner were used on the eyelids, then patted over with the new Colour crush eyeshadow in Moonlight kiss. Finally gold leaf was used in the inner corner to make the whole look grittier and more edgy.

Eugene Lin AW13 - Gold and black nails

I also snapped a photo of the models getting their nails done, and I have to say I love their take on a French manicure. Gold and black goes together so well, and I'll definitely be giving this striking combination a go!

 Eugene Lin AW13

Eugene Lin AW13 - Cupide de locke

Eugene Lin AW13 - Cupide de locke

Fashion wise, Eugene Lin AW13 very structured, and in keeping with the war like them, some of the pieces were almost military in design. The use of raspberry and gold kept the overall look feminine though. There were some beautiful dresses, and judging by his collection, trench coats and gold studs are back and here to stay for AW13.

What do you think about the new collection? Will you be recreating any of the make up/nails from this show?

Birchbox UK February 2013

Birchbox are undoubtedly the ones who started the whole beauty box phenomenon. I still remember watching American Youtubers in 2010 and getting super excited about the concept of luxury samples being delivered to straight to my front door. Fast forward a few years, and Birchbox are now finally available in the UK. Here's what's in their February 2013 box:

Birchbox, Birchbox UK, Birchbox february 2013, Birchbox LFW
Birchbox UK February 2013*

Birchbox UK, Birchbox uk february 2013, Birchbox packaging
 Birchbox UK February 2013

Birchbox uk lifestyle magazine, Birchbox february 2013
 Birchbox UK February 2013

What I like about Birchbox is that as well as beauty, there's also an lifestyle element. Last month they included tea bags, and this month there's a rather handy vitamin powder (similar to Berroca). There's also a 19 page lifestyle magazine, which includes everything from make up tips, bar recommendations and brand interviews.

Birchbox uk february 2013, Birchbox uk lfw, Birchbox uk, What's in Birchbox february 2013, Birchbox february 2013 contents
Birchbox UK February 2013- Vichy Eau thermale spa water
Nick Chavez leave in thickening mist
Gerda Spillmann bio fond cream make up
Korres guava little shower gel
Eboost orange flavoured daily health booster
Birchbox eyelash curlers

As far as this box goes, I think they've done really well. There's a good mix of high end skincare, haircare and make up. I like that they include well known brands for instant appeal, as well as smaller niche brands so you get the chance to try something new. Compared to Glossybox, the outer packaging is a bit more basic, but I think the pink drawstring bag is a nice touch. It's currently housing all my skincare bits and bobs in my overnight bag.

Like other subscriptions boxes, Birchbox asks all customers to fill out a beauty survey indicating their colourings and product preferences. As this is only their second box in the UK, it's hard to tell how much impact this will have on your chosen products. However, given that in the US, they have a data analyst especially employed to work out previous samples and beauty preferences, I'm hopeful that compared to other brands, Birchbox samples will be less repetitive and more personalised.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? What do you think about this month's samples?

LFW: Backstage and catwalk at Ashley Isham AW13

February 15th saw the start of London fashion week, and this year, I was lucky enough to go backstage and watch a few shows at Fashion scout, a platform which showcases some of the best up and coming designers from around the world. Ashley Isham first shot to fame in 2003, and this year his Autumn/Winter collection was inspired by the 1976 movie Logan's run, as well as the provocative images of photographer Helmut Newton:

The body shop, Fashion scout, London fashion week, Backstage
  London fashion scout, backstage at Ashley Isham with The body shop

The entire event was sponsored by The Body Shop, and as show's were back to back on Saturday, the atmosphere backstage was just buzzing! Headed by Lan Nguyen-Grealis, dozens of makeup artists rushed around getting the models show ready, Toni and Guy were on hand to coiffe the hair into perfection, and nail artists worked their magic whilst everyone else ran around smoothing out last minute details.

The Body shop london fashion week, The body shop fashion scout, The Body shop backstage, LFW AW13
Ashley Isham AW13, backstage with The Body shop 

London fashion week, Ashley Isham AW 13, Ashley Isham aw 13 backstage nails
Ashley Isham AW13, backstage nails

The body shop, Fashion scout, London fashion week, Ashley isham aw 13
 The body shop make up, backstage at Ashley Isham AW13

Make up wise, the look was all about dewy flawless skin, subtly smoked eyes and a glossy red lip. If you'd like to recreate this look at home, then key products are the Moisture liquid foundation, Vitamin E face mist, new colour crush eyeshadows and my absolute favourites, Rosey red lip pencil and Crush lipstick in Hot date (I loved the striking red lips, so need to hunt down that lipstick asap)!

Ashley isham aw13, Ashley isham aw13 day wear, Ashley , LFW aw13, Fashion scout
 LFW Ashley Isham AW 13 daywear

ashley isham aw13, Ashley isham aw13 evening wear, Ashley isham aw13 ball gowns, LFW aw13, Fashion scout
 LFW Ashley Isham AW13 evening wear

Ashley isham aw13, ashley isham aw13 jackets, LFW aw13, Fashion scout
 LFW Ashley Isham AW13 outerwear and jackets

Sometimes with fashion week, the clothes are a bit too out there and couture, but what I loved about Ashely Isham was that everything was just so stylish and easily translated to casual everyday glamour. Daytime dresses were body skimming and feminine, ball gowns were beautifully embellished and flowing, and jackets experimented with razor sharp tailoring and asymmetrical lines. All in all, a great show, and I can't wait to incorporate some of the looks into my everyday make up and wardrobe.

Are you a fan of the red lip? What was your favourite piece from the Ashley Isham AW13 collection?

Marks and spencer beauty SS13

Since relaunching in 2012, M&S have become a real contender in the world of beauty shopping. As well as their own brand Autograph range, they now house a variety of niche brands, some of which were previously impossible to get hold of in the UK. Last week, they show cased their Spring/Summer 13 collection, and today I wanted to share with you some of my top picks:

M&S autograph naked eyeshadow palette, Marks and spencer naked palette, M&S spring 13,
M&S Autograph eyeshadow palette

Starting with this Autograph eyeshadow palette, their answer to Naked palette. Can you believe this retails for only £12? Compared to the Naked palette, there are more shimmery eyeshadows, but all the colours are so wearable, and I love the metallic gold packaging!

M&S spring 13, M&S autograph highlighter
Also from Autograph are these beautiful highligher compacts

Sampar skincare, M&S spring 13,
M&S sampar skincare

There's also going to be a new skincare launch. Sampar is a luxury brand which works on the principles of soothing, protecting and revitalizing the skin. The packaging reminds me of premium Asian skincare brands and I'm now really intrigued about their Poreless magic peel and Ultra hydrating fluid.

Sentiments de la vie perfume, M&S spring 13
M&S Sentiments perfumes

Sentiments de la vie fragrances are inspired by the human emotions of delight, love and passion. My personal favourite? Delight EDP which is a fruity floral blend of grapefruit, bergamot, magnolia, vanilla orchid and cedarwood.

M&S nautical floral purse, M&S spring 13

Finally, I've been on the lookout for a new make up bag, and I think this navy floral purse might just be the one. I love the nautical design and at £4, it's an absolute bargain!

M&S spring/summer 13, available  in stores and online at marksandspencer.com

Did any of the products catch your eye? Where do you usually shop for make up and skincare?

Recipe: Beef noodle stir fry

I've been toying with the idea of posting recipes and restaurant reviews for quite some time now. Since the new year, I've been making a real effort to cook more, and after a recipe request from Sheenie, I decided it was finally time to stop thinking and start posting instead. So today, I wanted to kick it all off with a quick and easy Asian beef and noodle stir fry recipe:

Beef noodle stir fry, Udon noodle recipe, Chinese food
Beef noodle stir fry (serves 2-3)

200g beef mince
3 peppers sliced
1 large onion diced
1 handful baby corn small slices
1 handful flat beans halved
1/2 teaspoon five spice powder
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2-3 tablespoons Sriracha chilli sauce
salt to taste

1. To begin with, marinate the beef mince in some soy sauce, whilst you start chopping all the veg
2. In a large wok, brown off the onions, then add in the beef mince
3. After a few minutes, add in the rest of the vegetables, then cook for another 5-10 minutes 
until all the vegetables are cooked to your liking.
3. During the 5-10 minutes, season with five spice, another dash of soy sauce, 
Srirachi chilli sauce and salt to taste. You may also need to add in 1/2 cup of water
to stop the stirfry from getting too dry.
4. In a separate pan, boil the udon noodles till soft (this usually takes 2-3 minutes)
5. Drain the udon noodles, mix well with the beef stirfry, serve up and enjoy!

The beauty of this dish is that it's so quick and easy to cook. It's super versatile too. Any meat or tofu would work, and you can just use whatever vegetables you've already got in the fridge. I prefer the chunky texture of udon noodles, but you could also just as easily substitute it for some egg or rice noodles.

Let me know what you thought of this recipe and if you'd like to see more foodie posts in the future. I'm thinking of reviewing my favourite dim sum restaurant next but I'd love to get get some feedback from you guys.

Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara review

I seem to be forever on the hunt for a new mascara. Guerlain cils d'enfer is the latest one to find it's way into my make up collection, and although I didn't plan this, it seems quite appropiate to be reviewing a mascara on Valentine's day:

 Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara

First thing to say, how gorgeous is the gold packaging? It's very old school glamour and coupled with the mascara's rose petal scent, it really does feel like a luxury product.

Guerlain cils d'enfer comes with a standard bristle brush, but for me it's the formula which really sets it apart. It's a mixture of 3 polymers, which work together to thicken, soften and shape the lashes. In reality, this translates to a wet gel like formula, which quickly coats my eyelashes and is surprisingly good at holding a curl.

Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara, Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara before and after, Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara review,
Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara before and after

I usually apply 2 coats. The first one gives quite a natural effect, but add on a second layer and my lashes are visibly more lengthened and volumised. It sometimes need brushing through to get rid of any small clumps, but I like the fact that it's quick drying and as far as pigmentation goes, it's one of the darkest mascaras in my collection.

The only downside is that it tends to smudge by the end of the day. This seems to be common problem for me (I've only ever found 2 mascaras that last throughout the day) but I would say that unless you have particularly oily eyelids, it should be ok.

Overall, I like the dramatic effects of this mascara. I wish it lasted longer on me, but it's great for emphasing my eyelashes and it's one of the few that can actually hold a curl.

Guerlain cils d'enfer mascara, RRP £22, available instore and online at Harrods.com

Have you tried any Guerlain make up? What's your favourite mascara?

DIY vanilla body scrub

Now that Spring's just around the corner, I've been making a real effort to exfoliate and moisturise more. Last week I blogged about Neom real luxury organic body scrub, and today I've got a quick and easy recipe if you fancy trying your hand at a spot of DIY:

DIY body scrub, Homemade body scrub, Nielsen massey, Nielsen massey vanilla bean paste
 DIY vanilla body scrub - 450g golden granulated sugar
200ml olive oil
1tbs Nielsen-Massey vanilla bean paste*

To make your own body scrub, simply mix all the ingredients together, pour into a cute jar then decorate as you wish. I used an empty sauce bottle, but if you have a traditional jam jar then that would look so much better.

The great thing about a home made body scrub is that you can adjust the ingredients according to your own personal preference. I used a little less oil as I prefer a coarser scrub, but you could also play around with different essential oils and extracts (a coffee one might be quite stimulating in the mornings). Best of all, most of the ingredients will already be in your kitchen cupboard and it'll be so much cheaper than a shop brought body scrub!

Have you ever made your own toiletries? What would be your favourite flavour?

Valentine's day gift guide

It may be cheesy and over commercialised, but lets be honest, who doesn't want to be spoilt on Valentine's day. So with that in mind, I've put together some suggestions for a last minute gift guide:

I know quite a few of my friends are in long distance relationships this year, and although they'll be seeing each other at the weekend, why not surprise her on Thursday morning with a hamper of her favourite food/beauty treats. And don't worry if you've left it to the last minute. Couriers such as Parcelforce offer next day delivery, so you've still got time to put it all together!

Perfume always goes down well, and if you want something a bit more unique, then what about Rituals No 4 violet and water lily or Molecule 01 by Escentric molecules. Rituals No 4 is fruity, floral and feminine, whereas Molecule 01 will adapt to create a totally different scent on everyone.

If you want to avoid the cliche of a romantic meal out, then what about treating her to some concert tickets (Pink tickets are now available nationwide) or a musical/theatre show instead. There are hundreds to choose from in London, and even if you don't live in capital, there's bound to be a few in your nearest town. Ultimately, Valentine's is about spending time together and I know I would love it if my boyfriend took me to see Mama mia, Sound of music or Wicked (hint hint)!

Finally, being the foodie that I am, I had to include some edible treats. My top picks: Charbonnel et Walker pralines, Hummingbird cupcakes and Godiva chocolate dipped strawberries (available in stores only).

 Did any of these gift ideas catch your eye? What are your plans for Valentine's day?

*sponsored post

Glossybox February 2013 - Valentine edition

February's Glossybox has literally just landed on my door step, and in keeping with the theme of Valentine's, they've gone for a pretty pink box, all decorated with a big floral bow:

Glossybox, Glossybox february 2013, Glossybox Valentine's 2013

Glossybox february 2013, Glossybox february 2013 contents, What's inside February's glossybox
Glossybox February 2013

Anatomicals you need a blooming shower! rose scented cleanser
Miners cosmetics lip colour in Dreamer
Me Me Me cosmetics fat cat lengthening mascara
Vidal Sassoon professional spray shine
Micabella cosmetics mineral eye shadow in intelligence
Bonus Glossybox lollipop

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the contents of my box and I think they've done well with choosing Valentine themed products.  I'm starting to run out of shower gel, so the Anatomicals body cleanser couldn't have come at a better time. The eyeshadow and mascara will be perfect for creating a sultry smoky eye, and the shine spray is quite a universal product that I'm sure a lot of people will like.

The only product I'm not keen on is the lipstick. There were a total of 12 shades to choose from, and unfortunately mine was just too pale and frosty to be flattering. Still, 4 of 5 products isn't bad and I do love the limited editon Valentine's design. If only every Glossybox was this pretty!

For more information and to sign up to your own box, click here.

Have you received your Glossybox yet? What do you think about this month's contents?
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