25 random facts about me

This seems to be really popular at the moment. I've seen quite a few pop up in my feed this week and as I've enjoyed reading them all, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post my own one:

 1. I moved to London in 2006, and it was one of the best years of my life

2. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would have to be dim sum

3. As a kid, I broke both my collarbones (not at the same time), I always did have a thing for symmetry

4. Enid Blyton was my favourite childhood author

5. In 2011, I spent 2 months travelling around Australia. I absoutely loved backpacking down the East coast, and would love to go back one day, even if it is just for Whitehaven beach!

6. New York is next on my list of places to visit

7. One day, I would love to own a puppy

8. I'm addicted to chocolate and usually have a piece every day

9. I can be really shy around people I don't know

10. I was lucky enough to meet Orlando Bloom at the launch of his Boss Orange perfume

11. In my school reports, I was always described as quiet and conscientious

12. I'm currently lusting after a Mulberry Lily

13. Swimming and badminton are 2 of my favourite sports

14. I add chilli sauce to pretty much everything

15. Me and my boyfriend met in the first year of uni, and we've been together ever since

16. My favourite US shows are White collar, Greys anatomy and Hart of Dixie

17. I'm completely nocturnal, and would much rather stay up late than wake up early

18. I have a phobia of pigeons, not good when you live in central London

19. Anna Sui secret wish was my first ever fragrance purchase

20. In the last year or so, I've become rather obsessed with baking. My favourite Hummingbird recipes so far are the pineapple cupcakes, peanut butter cookies and the banana loaf

21. I've always believed that no matter how bad the situation, everything will always work out for the best

22. It took me 2 attempts to pass my driving test, and I had exactly the same routes for both

23. I'm a little bit scared of heights, it's the looking down and seeing the drop that does it for me

24. Speaking of heights, I'm terrible with rollacoaster rides, and haven't been on one since visiting Disneyland as a teenager

25. 3, 8 and 13 are my lucky numbers

Let me know if you've also done this tag, as I'd love to go and read your blog post :)


  1. Hi Fei, I've just done this tag today too if you want to check it out!

    Tanice talks about things


  2. 'quiet and conscientious' were the words always used to describe me too! Owch at the collarbones fact! x

    1. Haha school report twins! Luckily I was quite young at the time so don't remember any of the pain x

  3. Great post :) I've done this one too.
    Anna x


  4. I'm loving these random facts posts :) I've met Orlando Bloom too, well I didn't actually talk to him or anything, but he walked right past me in Glasgow. He was very handsome in the flesh! x

    1. Oh wow, how lucky walking past him in Glasgow! He was so lovely and chatty too x

  5. I love these :) Orlando Blooooom! YUM! you lucky thing!

    Im going to write mine tomorrow if anyone cares for a read :)

    Lil xx


    1. I know, I couldn't believe it when he walked into the room! Looking forward to seeing your post x

  6. Was great getting to know more about you, I'm so jealous you lucky lucky girl, getting to meet Orlando Bloom! You look great together haha, cute couple ;)



    1. I couldn't quite believe it myself, if only eh! Glad you liked the post though x

  7. Hi, i enjoyed reading this post. I have done one too, it was the first ever post on my new blog eeep! http://beautifulyimperfectworld.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks, I'll be sure to take a look at yours too x


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