Lush each peach and two's a pair massage bar review

Ever since my spa day a few months ago, I've been addicted to massages and at the moment I'm really liking 'each peach (and two's a pair)' massage bar from Lush.

It comes in a solid bar, which you rub onto the skin and your body heat causes it to melt, leaving a thin layer of oil over the skin, which is really good for massages.

This particular bar has a strong citrus scent which is very invigorating. It is a little cold when you first rub it in, but it warms up very quickly on contact with the skin, and by the second/third swipe it melts easily.

The massage bar contains lots of lovely ingredients, including cocoa butter and shea butter so it can also be used as a moisturizer and because the scent is so strong, it lingers for a while afterwards which is really nice.

Have you tried Lush massage bars? Let me know if there are any that you'd recommend as I'd love to try some more.

Tresemme naturals event and hairstyling tips

Last week I was invited to Soho for the launch of the new haircare range from Tresemme. The event was held in a very decorative church and on arrival, we were greeted by Matthew Curtis, a stylist who has worked on fashion shows, tv programmes as well as celebrities such as Cheryl Cole.

The evening started with a brief presentation about the new haircare range, followed by hairstyling demonstrations and tips from Matthew.

The shampoos in this new range contain lower sulphates to prevent hair from drying out and the conditioners are silicon free so that they rinse out easily. They also contain organic extracts of aloe vera, sweet orange, jojoba, coconut oil and avacodo oil to protect against damage as well as adding moisture and shine to the hair.

After the presentation, we were given demonstrations on how to style hair, as well as tips on how to use the products.

(click to enlarge)

For curly haired girls, he suggested a messy up do, where you simply pin up half of the hair at the back of the head, then messily twist the hair back on itself and pin the ends, so that they are mostly hidden. Finally use a few spritz of hairspray to keep it all in place.

For girls that have straight hair, like myself, he suggested splitting the hair into two, twist it onto itself whilst wet, then leave overnight for loose waves in the morning, which can then be worn down or pinned up into the messy up do.

He also demonstrated how to do a neat bun. To start off, apply some mousse to near dry hair then do a long plait at the back. (A good tip is to have the mousse in your hands until it feels a little sticky then work it into your hair for maximum effect). Finally wrap the plait around itself to form a bun and use pins and some hairspray to secure.

I've yet to try the mousse and hairspray but the shampoo and conditioner smells so nice and fresh! The shampoo foams up well although I do need to spend a few minutes to ensure its rinsed away properly and the conditioner leaves my hair soft and smooth without weighing it down.

Have you tried the new Naturals range from Tresemme? What are your top hair styling tips?

Great products I've discovered through blogging

One of best things about the beauty community is that everyone reviews and shares their favourite products so its a great way of discovering new things to buy. I've also been lucky enough to be sent various make up to try out and as a result I've discovered some great products that I would never have tried otherwise.

My favourite discovery has to be highlighters. I always thought shimmery face products would make me look like a disco ball, but thanks to blogging I've realised that its a great way of adding a radiant and healthy glow to the cheeks. I'm currently loving Sleek contour kit (a finely milled powder) and Eyeko 3 in 1 cream in extra glow (a thick cream that can also be used as a moisturizer).

Barry M and Eyeko nail varnishes
Both brands retail for under a fiver and have a good range of colours to choose from. The nail varnishes are generally pigmented enough so you only need one coat, they dry quickly and can remain chip free for a few days, even without a top coat.

ELF studio brushes
When I posted about make up brushes, I had so many recommendations for this range and I'm really glad I brought myself a few to try out. Despite retailing at only £3.50 they look very sleek and expensive and they work just as well as the more high end ones. The bristles are densly packed yet super soft, wash well without shedding and dry very quickly.

Maybelline mousse blush in peach satin
I brought this from Pyxiee's blogsale and it quickly became my favourite blusher. Its a gorgeous peachy pink colour thats perfect for everyday wear, is easy to apply and has small shimmer particles to help highlight the cheeks.

This was one of the most raved about brands last year and I can definitely see why. They do a great range of products using mostly natural ingredients. All their products smell amazing and most do exactly what they claim to. I highly recommend their face masks, seanik shampoo bar and bubble bars.

Have you tried any of the above? What products have you discovered from blogging?

Purity skincare giveaway

As promised, here's another giveaway for you girls:

Purity recently got in touch, offering to give away a full set of their skincare products to 6 lucky readers.

Each set (worth £46.93) will contain:

Facial Wash

Facial Exfoliator

Facial Moisturiser

Anti-aging moisturizer

Conditioning cleansing lotion

Regenerating overnight moisturizer

Anti-ageing serum and mask

For more information about the brand and the products click here.

For your chance to win:
- Simply leave a comment telling me where your favourite holiday destination is
- Be a follower of this blog
- UK entries only (sorry to my international readers)

The giveaway will end at 11.59pm on 1st October and a winner
will be picked using Purity will send the products
directly to the winner.

Good luck!

Saturday's FOTN and contouring help

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

It's been a while since I've done a FOTN, mostly because my life has been quite boring recently, but on Saturday night I went to a houseparty to celebrate a friend's birthday and because it was quite a casual party, I kept my make up nice and simple:

MAC select moisturecover concealer
L'oreal touche magique concealer
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural
NYX cream blush in glow
Highlighting powder from Sleek face contour kit in light

Elite eyeshadow quartet in VIP (5)
Maybelline line definer liquid eyeliner
Bloom full and flirty mascara

Maxfactor max effect lipfgloss in sweet red

Whilst I'm loving my newly discovered technique of highlighting, I can't seem to get the hang of contouring. I don't know if its because the bronzing powder is the wrong shade for me, or whether I'm doing it wrong, but either way, I'd be really grateful if you could leave me a comment below with any tips or tricks you might have. Thank you!

Giveaway winners

Thanks to everyone who entered my blog birthday giveaway, there were 191 entries, which is why its taken me a few days to go through all them all and pick the winners.

All correct and valid entries were numbered and the winners were picked using, so without further ado, the winners are:

1st prize goes to LilyLipstick

2nd prize goes to Debdobdoornob

Well done to the winners, can you please email me with your address and your choice of Sleek eyeshadow palette/pout polish and I'll get your prizes posted asap.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and don't worry if you didn't win this time as there'll be another giveaway very shortly.

Illamasqua- A new flagship store and art of darkness collection

I was in Birmingham last weekend, so couldn't make the Illamasqua bloggers event but I was able to visit the store on Thursday, when they had a little opening party to celebrate the launch of the new store.

As expected, the store looks very edgy, and glamorous with its clean white counters, black display stands, a glittery floor and stunning window displays! Because the party was in full swing when I arrived, it was too crowded to take pictures of the decor, but I did get a few shots of their window display and make up stands:

(one of their stunning window displays)

(some products from their new art of darkness collection)

On the night, there were speeches from Julian Kynaston (founder of Illamasqua) as well as a speech from Sophie's mum. Illamasqua have been heavily involved with the S.O.P.H.I.E. foundation which focuses 'on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities', something that the Illamasqua range represents perfectly.

There were several bloggers there, and it was lovley to meet Hellcandy, Sophie, Larissa and of course catch up with the gorgeous Ling!

Because I couldn't make their bloggers event on Saturday, I was sent 2 products from their new art of darkness collection to try out.

The precision ink in Alchemy is a metallic gold liquid eyeliner, that comes with a pen style nib. The colour dries very quickly and once dried it does not budge until you use an eye make up remover. This particular colour would look lovely on a night out, over a plain black eyeliner.

The pure pigment in Alluvium is a gorgeous deep blue colour with a hint of purple and plenty of irridescent particles. I'm normally a neutrals girl when it comes to eyeshadows but this is so pretty and I can't wait to wear it next time I go on a night out!

Have you been to the new store? What are your favourite Illamasqua products?

MyPure product reviews

As part of the MyPure blogging panel, I get sent a few products every month to try out and this month the 3 products were Lovea Bio l'argan body scrub, Living nature nourishing hand and body cream and Inika mineral foundation and kabuki brush in trust (06).

Lovea body scrub: This has a gel texture to it, and a very sweet milky scent. There were various sized grains in the scrub, and despite some large grains, it was very gentle on the skin and wasn't at all harsh and scratchy or drying. It comes in a plastic squeezy tube, which was very hygenic, but the opening was too narrow for the scrub and it becomes blocked quite easily. Packaging aside, its a really nice body scrub.

Living nature hand and body cream: This was quite a thick cream, so I needed to spend a few minutes rubbing it into the skin. However once absorbed, there was no greasy feeling and it kept my skin moisturized throughout the day. It contains manuka honey but the main scent for me was a herbal lavender smell. It comes in a 50ml tube, so it would run out quite quickly if used as a daily body lotion, but its the perfect size for a handbag hand cream.

Inika foundation and kabuki brush: Unfortunately this shade was far too dark for me, so I couldn't test it out properly, but on the one day I wore it around the house, it gave me light-medium coverage without looking cakey. The brush it came with is too small for everyday use, but its good for popping into your handbag for touch ups during the day. It also comes with a gold purse to keep it all together.

Have you tried any of the above products? What are your favourite natural beauty products.

Giveaway reminder

Just a quick reminder that my one year giveaway ends tomorrow if you wish to enter, and haven't already done so.

1st prize:
Soap and glory flake away exfoliator
Soap and glory massage glove
Primark faking it matte wash off instant tan
The sanctuary warming charcoal detox mask
Boots amazon forest mango and babassu body butter
Plus your choice of any Sleek make up i-divine palette (subject to availability)

2nd prize:
Soap and glory righteous butter moisturizer
Soap and glory massage glove
Primark faking it shimmer wash off instant tan
The sanctuary warming charcoal detox mask
Boots solait self tan wipe
Plus your choice of any Sleek make up pout polish (subject to availability)

Click here to go to the original post and enter.

Good luck!

Two girly novels to enjoy

I find it so nice and relaxing to snuggle into bed/on the sofa with a nice book to read, and 2 that I've really enjoyed recently are 'Beyond the blond' by Kathleen Flynn-Hui and 'The motherhood walk of fame' by Shari Low.

Beyond the blond
This novel follows Georgina, a colourist who works for a trendy salon in New York. The book starts with one of the stylists fainting on one of the busiest days in the salon, then it goes right back to the beginning, so we follow Georgina all the way from when she was studying hairdressing to where she is now.

During the novel we learn that the salon owner decides to sell to a massive corporation (which they are less than happy about) so Georgina and a few friends decide to set up their own salon, leading to a lot of problems for her, both personally and professionally.

There's glamour, friendship, betrayal and lots of drama. I thought the book was really well written and witty, and because it was so easy to read and such a page turner, I finished it in no time at all!

The motherhood walk of fame
Carly's a stay at home mum and novelist, who was going about her daily business, when she suddenly gets a phone call from an old friend and Hollywood star Sam Morton inviting her to America to pitch the script for her novel.

However her husband is less than happy to just drop everything and go with her. She goes anyway, leading to problems in her marriage and during her time in America, old feelings toward Sam starts to resurface. She also has to deal with her 2 young sons and the uncertainity of whether her script will be successful.

Again this was a well written novel. It had a strong plot, along with plenty of humour and the drama with her script and the love triangle with Sam/her husband kept me entertained till the very last page!

Which novels have you enjoyed reading recently?

Monday wishlist

What I'm currently lusting after:

Charm bracelets

I'd love to own a Pandora bracelet, but for now, this bracelet and these cute charms from Argos would make a good alternative.

Liz Earle haircare

Thanks to posts from Fee I've become a lot more aware of the benefits of SLS free shampoo and judging by reviews, this range seems to be best for creating a lather and not leaving hair feeling stripped.

Mavala elle nail polish

A gorgeous grey nail polish with a hint of purple that would be perfect for the colder Autumn month.

Revlon grow luscious mascara

Having had good results from L'oreal renewal lash serum, I'm keen to try this mascara which contains panthenol, wheat proteins and phytantriol to help condition and strengthen lashes during the day.

Clarins instant blush magic colour

A slightly iridescent super pretty pink blush that gives a lovely pop of colour to the cheeks and can also be used as a lip colour.

Have you tried any of the products above? Which products are currently on your wishlist?

Last weekend's NOTD

Its been years since I've worn a glittery nail varnish but I have to say I'm really liking the new Chi chi polish from Eyeko. Although it can be worn by itself, it looks 10x better when painted on top of another nail colour.

As it was nice and sunny and I was feeling very girly, I decided to use Eyeko punk polish as my base coat. Chi chi polish helps to tone down the brightness of the pink, and makes punk polish a lot more wearable for daytime, plus its super pretty with the glitter specks.

I've also included a photo of what Chi chi polish looks like on its own. The picture on the left shows one coat and the one on the right is two coats.

Are you a fan of glittery nail varnishes? What have you been wearing on your nails over the weekend?

Don't forget you can use my Eyeko ambassador code (E9624) for a free gift with every order.

Review: L'oreal renewal lash serum

I wish I had long curly lashes, but unfortunately mine are dead straight and not particularly long either. So after reading a few positive reviews for Loreal renewal lash serum, I had to try it out for myself.

So did it work? Without mascara its subtle but I have noticed a difference. My lashes appear more even, are a little longer (especially in the inner corner) and it looks a little bit more voluminous as well. Because of this I get much nicer results when I use a mascara and it takes less effort to define my eyes.

How easy was the product to use? It has a funny spoon shaped wand with no instructions on the packet, so I just used it like a mascara wand, and applied 2 coats, one using each side.

The narrow tube opening ensures there isn't too much serum on the wand, but it can still cause clumps (especially on my left eye for some reason). I only used it at night so it didn't bother me, but I wouldn't recommend using this during the day or under mascara. When I woke up the next day I also had some very attractive stringy white bits on my eyelashes but it does wash off easily.

Would I repurchase? Maybe, it has definitely improved the condition of my eyelashes, but I've still got loads left and I only use it a few times a week now so I doubt it will run out any time soon.

Overall I'm really glad I tried this product, I thought it would be a gimmick but in 2 months its made a visible improvement to the condition and appearance of my lashes and at £10.99 it doesn't break the bank either.

Have you tried this or any of the other lash growth product? How did you get on?

Soap and glory the greatest scrub of all

I love that smooth feeling you get after exfoliating but after using Origins modern friction exfoliator, I realised that a gentle exfoliator can be just as effective as one with lots of harsh grains, and since the origins one ran out, I've been using this soap and glory one on a weekly basis:

The creamy scrub contains beads which burst open to give small particles with an almost powdery texture which gently exfoliates the skin.

It has a subtle herbal fragrance and it feels quite refreshing on the skin. Because it's so gentle it wasn't at all drying and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth with a fresh faced glow without any sign of redness or irritation.

A little bit goes a long way with this exfoliator and it rinses off easily without leaving any residue on my skin.

Although the particles are very small and gentle, you can still feel it working on the skin and with regular use I've noticed that my pores are less noticable and my skin looks much smoother.

Have you tried this face scrub? What are your favourite Soap and glory products?

A new addition to my perfume collection

When it comes to perfumes I can be really indecisive, but after months of trying out Boss orange celebration of happiness, I finally decided I liked it enough to treat myself a bottle, and I'm so glad I did, because it really is a lovely perfume:

The fragrance comes in a pretty orange glass bottle with a silver lid and it has a delicate floral design that runs up the side.

It has a really fresh yet almost creamy blend of fruity and floral notes including apple, peach, orange blossom and white flower, and a vanilla and wood base. Although the vanilla base makes it quite sweet it's not at all sickly and together with the subtle wood notes gives the fragrance a more sensual feel.

For me, Boss orange manages to perfectly combine the different notes into a really unique feminine fragrance that's versatile enough to be worn both during the day and at night time.

Have you tried any of the Boss orange perfumes? What is your favourite daytime perfume?
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