Two girly novels to enjoy

I find it so nice and relaxing to snuggle into bed/on the sofa with a nice book to read, and 2 that I've really enjoyed recently are 'Beyond the blond' by Kathleen Flynn-Hui and 'The motherhood walk of fame' by Shari Low.

Beyond the blond
This novel follows Georgina, a colourist who works for a trendy salon in New York. The book starts with one of the stylists fainting on one of the busiest days in the salon, then it goes right back to the beginning, so we follow Georgina all the way from when she was studying hairdressing to where she is now.

During the novel we learn that the salon owner decides to sell to a massive corporation (which they are less than happy about) so Georgina and a few friends decide to set up their own salon, leading to a lot of problems for her, both personally and professionally.

There's glamour, friendship, betrayal and lots of drama. I thought the book was really well written and witty, and because it was so easy to read and such a page turner, I finished it in no time at all!

The motherhood walk of fame
Carly's a stay at home mum and novelist, who was going about her daily business, when she suddenly gets a phone call from an old friend and Hollywood star Sam Morton inviting her to America to pitch the script for her novel.

However her husband is less than happy to just drop everything and go with her. She goes anyway, leading to problems in her marriage and during her time in America, old feelings toward Sam starts to resurface. She also has to deal with her 2 young sons and the uncertainity of whether her script will be successful.

Again this was a well written novel. It had a strong plot, along with plenty of humour and the drama with her script and the love triangle with Sam/her husband kept me entertained till the very last page!

Which novels have you enjoyed reading recently?


  1. i love girly book recommendations :) will check them out for sure :)

  2. The Ice Cream Girls is an amazing read, and so is Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. I couldn't put either of them down!


  3. I saw Beyond the Blonde in a charity shop the other day, but never having heard of it, didn`t know if it was supposed to be any good...Since you like it i might go back to see if they still have it!!

  4. OOOooo thanks for sharing!! I totally want to read these books I am going to look for them in my local store to buy!!

    Kitty x

  5. Thanks for the recommendations, I'm currently reading Personally, I blame my fairy godmother by Claudia Caroll, it's a really nice read :)

  6. I'll take a look to these books. I love reading

  7. Thanks for the reading ideas :) I alternate serious books and fun books. The last book I read was I Heart NY which I think came free with Glamour magazine. x

  8. I agree with what somebody else said about Picture Perfect by Jodie Picoult, any others by her are also good!

    Marian Keyes is another favourite, try 'under the duvet' or 'watermelon'..or just any :) xx

  9. Jenny- Hope you like them x

    Jess- Thanks for the recommendations, I've added them to my list of books to read x

    Ms Bubu- Fingers crossed it'll still be in the shop, hope you like it x

    KittyBonkers- I hope you like them x

  10. Rosie - Thanks I'll add that to my list x

    Becky - I hope you'll like them x

    * Jewelry Designer: Harjot *- You're welcome x

    LilyLipstick- I've heard so many good things about that book, will have to read it sometime x

    Sophie- Thanks I'll definitely check them out x


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