Saturday's FOTN and contouring help

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

It's been a while since I've done a FOTN, mostly because my life has been quite boring recently, but on Saturday night I went to a houseparty to celebrate a friend's birthday and because it was quite a casual party, I kept my make up nice and simple:

MAC select moisturecover concealer
L'oreal touche magique concealer
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural
NYX cream blush in glow
Highlighting powder from Sleek face contour kit in light

Elite eyeshadow quartet in VIP (5)
Maybelline line definer liquid eyeliner
Bloom full and flirty mascara

Maxfactor max effect lipfgloss in sweet red

Whilst I'm loving my newly discovered technique of highlighting, I can't seem to get the hang of contouring. I don't know if its because the bronzing powder is the wrong shade for me, or whether I'm doing it wrong, but either way, I'd be really grateful if you could leave me a comment below with any tips or tricks you might have. Thank you!


  1. Oh, I have that contouring kit. and I love it. The secret to contouring you need a slanted brush, kinda like a blusher brush but slanted. You suck in your cheeks and apply it under your Cheeckbone, basically in the hollows. Them you blend out the harsh lines. That's how I do mine anyway.


  2. I love your flushed cheeks! I wish I could where cream/gel blushers but I have mega pores and it just sits in them. You must have been the belle of the ball!

  3. DesignerSpray - Thanks for the tip, I've been using a normal blusher brush so I'll give it a go with a slanted one x

    Skin scrubs- Aw thank you lovely x

  4. Gorgeous photo - your blusher looks so glowy and healthy.
    I have the Sleek Face Countour kit, I use a slanted brush (an ELF one) to apply the darker shade to under my cheek bones, then use a blusher brush to apply blusher to the apples of my cheeks and finally use the slanted brush to sweep a little of the highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones. x

  5. LilyLipstick - Thank you lovely, its all down to the Sleek highlighter :) I'll give it a go with the slanted brush, hopefully it'll work a lot better x

  6. I have also problem with contouring. I have very fair skin and it's always hard to blend it, because sometimes I blend to much and there is no more contour showing or I have a harsh line! The colour is also a little difficult, the most are to dark. But with practice we will find the right technique ;) love your blog, by the way!!

  7. I picked up a great tip and im thinking about doing a post on it. I use a slanted brush but the secret is to use a piece of paper or something similar, place the paper jst under ur cheekbone and apply the product,when u take away the paper u will have a really harsh line bt take a fluffy brush and blend like theres no tomorrow and you will be left with perfectly contoured cheekbones x

  8. The paper trick really does help, and you cannot do this look without a slanted brush! Go for something like the MAC 168, although plenty of brands do similar shaped ones which are a lot cheaper. You look lovely! Hope you had a good time.


  9. fairskinnedbeauty- Thank you. I have a similar problem- most of the time it has no effect but you're right, practice makes perfect so hopefully we'll be pros in no time! x

    Charlotte- Thanks, I'll definitely give that a go. You should blog about it, I'm sure lots of people would find it helpful x

    Dreams That Glitter - Thank you lovely, I'm going to buy a slanted brush and give the paper trick a go x

  10. You look lovely :) xx

  11. I have learnt to pick a bronzer that is matte and closest colour to your face when it is caught in the shade for contouring. I agree a slanted brush helps too.

    Theres also the 3 shape rule which is start at the sides of your temples and curving it towards the hollows of your cheeks and buffing it into your jawline. Also when doing your cheeks dont take it too far along your cheekbone as you would your blush, so place it more set back than you would place your blush.

    Contouring where shadows are naturally on your face just like highlighting but the opposite! Hm... I might need to a post about this now. Opps sorry for the long comment, hope this may help. I am not an expert but I have learnt a lot from others and my mistakes :)

    Take care! KK, xoxo.

  12. Great makeup choices. I'm definitely no makeup expert. I mostly just play around with it.

    Hope you can check my blog out. :-) Plus, I'm having my first giveaway right now.

  13. Im learning makeup at Makeup forever and their sculpting kit (contour & highlight) is great. We were taught to use an angled blush brush, find your cheekbone and apply the contour just below the cheekbone starting from your ear going in, concentrating the colors closest to the ear. And then apply the highlight color on your cheekbones and below where you contoured. (did I make sense? :) sometimes I also use elf's blush and bronzer duo :)


  14. WOW U look radiant hun, loving the look, with contouring i do the figure of 3 rule and apply it at the temples bringing it down to the hollows of ur cheeks (suck in and ull find it) and then bring down your jawline, make sure to blend though and it helps if you use a slanted brush or a small contouring brush

    ps we need to meet up soon xx

  15. Kei Kei- Thanks for all the tips, it was super helpful. I'm going to go shopping for an angled brush this weekend then get practicing! x

    Sunny & Star- Same, but practice makes perfect :) x

    ❤ilvoeshopping❤- Thank you for the tips, whenever I apply it I can't see an effect, but I guess I need the angled brush for it to work properly x

    Amina- Thanks lovely. We definitely need to meet up! Life's pretty hectic atm, but hopefully I'll get a bit more free time soon x


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