Great products I've discovered through blogging

One of best things about the beauty community is that everyone reviews and shares their favourite products so its a great way of discovering new things to buy. I've also been lucky enough to be sent various make up to try out and as a result I've discovered some great products that I would never have tried otherwise.

My favourite discovery has to be highlighters. I always thought shimmery face products would make me look like a disco ball, but thanks to blogging I've realised that its a great way of adding a radiant and healthy glow to the cheeks. I'm currently loving Sleek contour kit (a finely milled powder) and Eyeko 3 in 1 cream in extra glow (a thick cream that can also be used as a moisturizer).

Barry M and Eyeko nail varnishes
Both brands retail for under a fiver and have a good range of colours to choose from. The nail varnishes are generally pigmented enough so you only need one coat, they dry quickly and can remain chip free for a few days, even without a top coat.

ELF studio brushes
When I posted about make up brushes, I had so many recommendations for this range and I'm really glad I brought myself a few to try out. Despite retailing at only £3.50 they look very sleek and expensive and they work just as well as the more high end ones. The bristles are densly packed yet super soft, wash well without shedding and dry very quickly.

Maybelline mousse blush in peach satin
I brought this from Pyxiee's blogsale and it quickly became my favourite blusher. Its a gorgeous peachy pink colour thats perfect for everyday wear, is easy to apply and has small shimmer particles to help highlight the cheeks.

This was one of the most raved about brands last year and I can definitely see why. They do a great range of products using mostly natural ingredients. All their products smell amazing and most do exactly what they claim to. I highly recommend their face masks, seanik shampoo bar and bubble bars.

Have you tried any of the above? What products have you discovered from blogging?


  1. Sleek is a brand that I've discovered through blogging - I love the Contour Kit.
    Those Lush products look lovely. I'm loving Lush so much at the moment and actually want to own every single one of their products! x

  2. Love ur blog! hope u"l check out mine!

  3. LilyLipstick- Me too, their products are so addictive! x

    priyam- Thanks x

  4. This is a great post and so true. There are so many brands I had never heard of before blogging! Which brushes are those in the pictures? I'm looking to buy an Elf Bronzer brush but it looks quite small. The first brush in your picture looks around the size I want. Which one is that?


  5. Olivia- Thank you lovely. It's the powder brush and its got a diameter of 3.5cm if that helps x

  6. Thanks. It looks smaller on the website than your picture! Might have to order it :) x

  7. I really really want to try the elf powder brush! And I love the sleek contour kit, it's such good value for money! xx

  8. oh i love elf brushes! ^^ i dont buy any other brands but they work just fine =)

  9. Olivia- Glad to help :) You should, its a great brush x

    Nicola- I'd definitely recommend if you're looking for an affordable face brush :) x

    Isabel- Same, there's just no need to when they work so well! x

  10. I've discovered so many brands through blogging! Sleek, Eyeko, China Glaze, OPI, and e.l.f. are all new, but brilliant finds since I've started blogging. I think one of the best things is that the beauty community know exactly where to find those harder to find brands at cheaper prices. Many a penny has been saved thanks to their knowledge :D xx

  11. Great post! I think the best discovery I made through blogging was definitely the Sleek palettes :).


  12. Love sleek as well , i heard them through logging as well.

  13. ohh i know many ppl wrote bout sleek T_T i wanna try it.. lol :)

  14. Kim- That's a very good point, you can always rely on bloggers to spread the word about bargains and special offers x

    Dreams That Glitter - The palettes are great, definitely one of the best make up on the high street x

    Steph xox- Sleek seems to be THE brand that was discovered through blogging x

    ipehishere - Definitely give them a go, they have some great products x

  15. Everyone seems to be raving about Eyeko... you all make me want to try some of their products!!

  16. I LOVE Barry M nail shades - they are just the best!
    Cool blog, definitely be back here lots :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy.


  17. Gaby- They've got some lovely products, I highly recommend their coral nail varnish! x

    The Beautiful and Glammed- Thanks, glad you like the nail varnishes as well x

  18. Ms Bubu- They're certainly proving to be popular x

  19. I have the Sleek contour kit and love it! The brush is amazing aswell. Do you have the contour brush?
    I recently recieved some Lush vouchers so I look forward to treating myself, I want to try the face masks, any suggestions?
    SHer x

  20. Sherrie- I brought mine a while ago so no contour brush for me :( The love lettuce one is really good for combination skin but you can always ask the shop assistants for advice, they're usually really helpful x


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