Soap and glory the greatest scrub of all

I love that smooth feeling you get after exfoliating but after using Origins modern friction exfoliator, I realised that a gentle exfoliator can be just as effective as one with lots of harsh grains, and since the origins one ran out, I've been using this soap and glory one on a weekly basis:

The creamy scrub contains beads which burst open to give small particles with an almost powdery texture which gently exfoliates the skin.

It has a subtle herbal fragrance and it feels quite refreshing on the skin. Because it's so gentle it wasn't at all drying and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth with a fresh faced glow without any sign of redness or irritation.

A little bit goes a long way with this exfoliator and it rinses off easily without leaving any residue on my skin.

Although the particles are very small and gentle, you can still feel it working on the skin and with regular use I've noticed that my pores are less noticable and my skin looks much smoother.

Have you tried this face scrub? What are your favourite Soap and glory products?


  1. yes this is part of my skin routine! love this :)
    their hand cream is another favourite
    i wanna try some of their blueberry stuff too x

  2. Sophie - Thanks for the recommendation, I might get the small size for my handbag when my current one runs out x

  3. Ive never tried anything by this brand but i would love to! guess it's another item to add to my list :)

  4. Renay Shanel- They have some lovely products and always seem to be on offer in Boots x

  5. I love this scrub, I got it in the hat box at christmas :) x

  6. I got this in the hatbox last christmas and have repurchased it 3-4 times since. I swear my skin has improved since using it :) xx

  7. I use this about once a week and love it! I got it in my hat box too and I got one in the skin gym they did at xmas too. I will definitely be repurchasing xx

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  8. DaisyBee- Glad you like it too, that hatbox was such a bargain! x

    xDiamondsandPearlsx - A lot of the reviewers on the Boots website have said the same thing x

    Karla- Seems everyone purchased a hatbox last Xmas! x

  9. I love Origins Modern Friction so I'm definitely going to try this when it runs out. Great review :) x

  10. LilyLipstick- Thank you. This scrub has bigger particles than the Origins one but its still gentle on the skin x

  11. I love the feel after i've exfoliated aswell, feel so refreshed!

  12. i have to say i havnt tried this and though i have a few soap n glory products to try - my fave product of theres is the sexymotherpucker glosses by far!

  13. Jaymie - It feels lovely doesn't it x

    Amina- I've heard so many good things about those glosses, really need to try one soon! x


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