Sleek make up matte me lip cream review and swatches

Deep down I'll always be a lipgloss girl at heart, but recently I've been experimenting with different products, and I have to say I'm really liking the new Sleek make up matte me lip creams:

Sleek make up matte me lip cream, Sleek make up matte me lip cream bright pink, Sleek make up matte me lip cream fandago purple
 Sleek make up matte me lip cream*

Sleek make up matte me lip cream, Sleek make up matte me lip cream bright pink, Sleek make up matte me lip cream fandago purple, Sleek make up matte me lip cream swatches
 Sleek make up matte me lip cream in bright pink and fandago purple

I suspect part of the reason I like these so much is because they go on like a lipgloss and unlike traditional lipsticks, the doe foot applicator makes it so much easier. Once dried though, the lip creams become a true matte. As the name suggests, Bright pink is bold and eyecatching, whereas Fandago purple is bit more muted and easier to wear. In fact I've been lightly dabbing it on, then quickly blending with my fingertips for a more subtle everyday look.

The great thing about mattes is that they last well on the lips. I usually apply once in the morning and it's enough to get me through to lunchtime. Whilst the Sleek lip creams aren't drying on the skin, they're not particulary moisturising either. For that reason I would still apply a layer or two of lip balm over the top (you can skip this step if you want a true matte).

Overall though, I think these a real bargain at £4.99 each. There are 7 colours to choose from and for a long lasting lip stain, you really can't go wrong!

Have you tried the new Sleek matte me lip creams? Do you prefer mattes or glosses?

BeauteCo and Glossybox - August 2013

It seems like only yesterday that I was blogging about July's beauty boxes and now here we are at the end of August! This month BeauteCo have focused on natural skincare and make up, whereas Glossybox have gone for a holiday inspired highflyers theme:

BeauteCo August 2013*
Lord and berry intensity lipstick in peach gleam
S5 calm serum
Lord and berry kissproof lip colour blossom
Arran aromatics lavender and tea tree facial wash
Melvita atomiser orange blossom water

Each month with BeauteCo there are a choice of 3 boxes. I thought this month the boxes were very similar (only one product difference) but none the less, I'm really pleased with my little selection. Designed to deep cleanse and revive, the Arran aromatics face wash sounds perfect for my morning routine and given it's small size, the Melvita orange blossom face spray has gone straight into my in-flight travel bag for New York. There are 2 full sized Lord and berry lip products too, a brand that been raved about a lot in recent month, so I'm looking forward to giving them a try.

Glossybox August 2013*
Oceane make up remover pen
Emite make up eyelash curler
Jelly pong pong 2 in 1 shadow/liner
Urban veda daily radiance facial wash
Tresemme keratin smooth concentrated treatment shot

Moving onto Glossybox, and they've gone for a global highflyers theme this month. Each of the 5 products are sourced from a different country and they're all designed to keep you looking gorgeous on the go. I'm particularly excited about the Oceane make up remover pen. Quite often I'll have mascara smudges by the end of the day, so this could potentially be a handbag must have for me. The Jelly pong pong eyeliner sounds really good, and given how much I liked the original Tresemme treatment shot, I have high hopes for this new keratin smooth version too.

Overall, I think both companies have done really well this month. Beauty boxes can be so hit and miss, but when they do get it right, it's an absolute joy to open. For once I can actually see myself using up every single product and it's nice to be wowed by some big brands whilst at the same time being introduced to some of the smaller less known ones too.

For more information and to sign up, don't forget to check out their websites here and here.

Are you a BeauteCo/Glossybox subscriber? What did you get this month?

Whitney Port's venus and olay summer challenge

A few weeks ago, Gillette Venus and Olay set me the challenge of customising a pair of denim shorts, with the winning design being judged by their new ambassador Whitney Port. Now I'm by no means creative but it sounded like a fun idea, and with the chance of winning a pair of shorts from her very own fashion line, I decided to give it a go:

Gillette venus & olay summer challenge

This particular pair of shorts had quite a biker, rock chic feel, and I decided to accentuate that with some gold studs scattered randomly across the the front and along the pocket lines.

Gillette venus and olay razor
Gillette venus & olay razor

Of course, to wear these shorts my legs needed to be smooth and hair free. Usually I'm a shower gel and shave kinda girl, but the new Venus & Olay razor comes with a moisture infused soap bar already attached so there's no need to lather up beforehand. Compared to my usual cheap disposables, they are a bit more expensive, however it's so much more convenient and the 5 blades ensured a nice close shave too. Always a bonus in the summer, and I know I'll be stocking up ahead of my trip to New York next month.

Have you tried the new Venus Olay razors? What do you think about my studded shorts?

L'occitane la collection de grasse

When it comes to perfumes, I'm super indecisive and my motto has always been the more choice the better. L'occitane recently launched their new la collection de grasse perfumes, and with 4 scents to choose from there's been one for every mood:

L'occitane la collection de grasse. L'occitane jasmin and bergamote, L'occitane magnolia & mure, L'occitane vanille and narcisse, L'occitane The verte and bigarade
 L'occitane la collection de grasse sampler set*

L'occitane la collection de grasse, L'occitane la collection de grasse sampler set
L'occitane la collection de grasse

The four fragrances are Jasmin & bergamote (fruity floral with a woody base), Magnolia & mure (a heady floriental), Vanille & narcisse (sweet and spicy) and The verte & bigarade (fresh, clean and the most unisex out of the four). I very much tailor my perfumes according to the weather, and living in the UK, it's been great to have so much choice. On bright sunny days, I've gone for Jasmine and bergamot, and on colder more grey days I've gravitated towards Vanilla and narcissus.

At first glance, the full sized bottles may seem expensive at £49 each, but having smelt them all, I'd say they're on par with other designer brands. L'occitane have sourced quality ingredients from around the globe and when you consider the fact that they're 75mls each, the price suddenly seems a lot more reasonable. They last well on the skin too.

Overall, I think it's a lovely capsule collection of perfumes, and if you're on the lookout for a new summer fragrance, then then be sure to have a little sniff next time you pass by a L'occitane store.

Have you had a chance to sample this new collection? Which one is your favourite?

Concoction haircare - the technology of mixology

On a night out, I love nothing more than sipping on cocktails, so when I heard that the new Concoction haircare range was based on the principles of cocktail mixing, I was instantly intrigued:

 Concoction couture haircare - superserum shots

The brainchild of former Apprentice contestant Alex Epstein, Concoction is all about personalising your haircare, making it exactly the way you want it. Shampoo wise, there are 4 base fragrances, all of which are enriched with silk amino acids and essential oils. Once you've chosen your base fragrance, there are then 8 superserum shots to choose from. And with shots such as high definition blonde, thermo-straight, curl me up and back to your roots, you'll be spoilt for choice.

 Concoction haircare

With naturally straight dark hair, not surprisingly I went for beautiful brunette and turn up the volume. Base wise, I was given black pepper + citrus, which although masculine, was also quite refreshing. There's also a lemon + verbena one which I think will be my next fragrance.

Concoctions haircare
 Concoction mixologists at work

For conditioner, there's only one scent, but with extracts of cashmere and water lily I think it'll be very popular one. Having tried them out this week, it's it's safe to say I'm a big fan. My hair will never achieve mega volume, but used together, it left my hair feeling clean, soft, shiny and bouncy. Definitely one to check out if you want to experiment with haircare or just want to 'admire' the mixiologists at work!

Concoction haircare, RRP £14 each, available online and for a short period as a pop up stall in Selfridges.

Have you heard of this new range? What's two superserum shots would you go for?

July empties/Project bathroom update

This month marks quite an exciting new start for me. I'll still be around in London, but during the week, I'll be staying in Kent for work. With that in mind, I've been making a real effort to get through as many products as possible in July:

July empties, Project bathroom update, Organic surge fresh ocean body lotion, Carmex cherry lip balm, Ojon volumising shampoo
 Ojon volumising shampoo
Batiste dark & deep brown shampoo
Organic surge fresh ocean light body lotion
Organic surge citrus mint shower gel
Bath and body works dancing waters body lotion
Nioxin scalp revitaliser conditioner
Naked volume body building shampoo
Garnier roll on under eye concealer
Carmex cherry lip balm

So as you can see a real mix of everyday essentials, and like last time, not a single item that I disliked. Special mentions to go the Organic surge body lotion, which was so refreshing and perfect for summer, and the Carmex cherry lip balm, which smells just like my favourite sour sweets!

How did you get on this month? What were your favourites?
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