L'occitane la collection de grasse

When it comes to perfumes, I'm super indecisive and my motto has always been the more choice the better. L'occitane recently launched their new la collection de grasse perfumes, and with 4 scents to choose from there's been one for every mood:

L'occitane la collection de grasse. L'occitane jasmin and bergamote, L'occitane magnolia & mure, L'occitane vanille and narcisse, L'occitane The verte and bigarade
 L'occitane la collection de grasse sampler set*

L'occitane la collection de grasse, L'occitane la collection de grasse sampler set
L'occitane la collection de grasse

The four fragrances are Jasmin & bergamote (fruity floral with a woody base), Magnolia & mure (a heady floriental), Vanille & narcisse (sweet and spicy) and The verte & bigarade (fresh, clean and the most unisex out of the four). I very much tailor my perfumes according to the weather, and living in the UK, it's been great to have so much choice. On bright sunny days, I've gone for Jasmine and bergamot, and on colder more grey days I've gravitated towards Vanilla and narcissus.

At first glance, the full sized bottles may seem expensive at £49 each, but having smelt them all, I'd say they're on par with other designer brands. L'occitane have sourced quality ingredients from around the globe and when you consider the fact that they're 75mls each, the price suddenly seems a lot more reasonable. They last well on the skin too.

Overall, I think it's a lovely capsule collection of perfumes, and if you're on the lookout for a new summer fragrance, then then be sure to have a little sniff next time you pass by a L'occitane store.

Have you had a chance to sample this new collection? Which one is your favourite?


  1. never tried them but love their hand creams though

  2. Love their hand creams! they are delicious (the only way to describe them!)
    Will have to definitely try and give these a go!


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