Concoction haircare - the technology of mixology

On a night out, I love nothing more than sipping on cocktails, so when I heard that the new Concoction haircare range was based on the principles of cocktail mixing, I was instantly intrigued:

 Concoction couture haircare - superserum shots

The brainchild of former Apprentice contestant Alex Epstein, Concoction is all about personalising your haircare, making it exactly the way you want it. Shampoo wise, there are 4 base fragrances, all of which are enriched with silk amino acids and essential oils. Once you've chosen your base fragrance, there are then 8 superserum shots to choose from. And with shots such as high definition blonde, thermo-straight, curl me up and back to your roots, you'll be spoilt for choice.

 Concoction haircare

With naturally straight dark hair, not surprisingly I went for beautiful brunette and turn up the volume. Base wise, I was given black pepper + citrus, which although masculine, was also quite refreshing. There's also a lemon + verbena one which I think will be my next fragrance.

Concoctions haircare
 Concoction mixologists at work

For conditioner, there's only one scent, but with extracts of cashmere and water lily I think it'll be very popular one. Having tried them out this week, it's it's safe to say I'm a big fan. My hair will never achieve mega volume, but used together, it left my hair feeling clean, soft, shiny and bouncy. Definitely one to check out if you want to experiment with haircare or just want to 'admire' the mixiologists at work!

Concoction haircare, RRP £14 each, available online and for a short period as a pop up stall in Selfridges.

Have you heard of this new range? What's two superserum shots would you go for?


  1. I love how they've set this up, it's such a good idea!
    Tor xx That's Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. This is so unusual and cool!


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