January empties/Project bathroom update

Time for another empties post! Can you believe it's now my 5th year of project bathroom? My beauty stash is still far too big, but at least these days, I've learnt not to make any unnecessary purchases and only ever have 1 or 2 products on the go at any one time. Here's what I've managed to use up this January:

Project bathroom, Empties, Kate moss body lotion, Biotherm skin ergetic anti fatique concentrate serum, Angela langford face oil, James brown volume boost
Kate Moss sublime body lotion
Biotherm skin ergetic anti-fatique concentrate serum
Angela Langford balanced & beautiful face oil
James Brown volume boost shampoo
James Brown volume boost conditioner

Project bathroom, empties, Batiste dry shampoo, Neutrogena pink grapefruit cream wash, Sk:n hand cream,
 Back home in Birmingham, I also managed to finish:
Sk:n anti-ageing hand cream
Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit cream wash
Niveo soft moisturiser
Batiste tropical dry shampoo
Pantene time renewal conditioner

In total, I've managed to use up 10 products this month which I'm really pleased about. As you know, Batiste is a bathroom staple for me, but otherwise I've yet to repurchase any of the other products. This is partly because I already have similar items in my collection, and partly because although I liked them, none of them were absolute must haves for me. 

I often find a fragrance can make or break a product for me, and that was certainly the case with the Nivea soft moisturiser and the Pantene conditioner. I liked the formulation of both products, but unfortunately the scent was just not for me. Conversely, the Biotherm serum had the most amazing fruity floral scent, and I'll definitely be repurchasing it as soon as I've finished my current stash of face serums.

How did you get on this month? What makes or breaks a product for you?

QVC beauty bash and Decleor mini facial

Last Thursday I was able to visit QVC beauty bash, an annual event held in Islington, where regular QVC customers get a chance to meet the people behind their favourite brands, as well as the opportunity to sample the latest product launches:

QVC beauty bash, QVC, Origins, Ojon
QVC beauty bash 2013

Many of the brands were offering mini treatments, and at the back of the exhibition, there was everything from mini facials, to manicures and brow shaping on offer. I opted for a mini Decleor facial, and after being reassured that Bare Minerals would be on hand to do my make up after, I relaxed onto the couch and let my therapist analyze and treat my skin.

Decleor facial, Decleor treatment room, QVC beauty bash, QVC
QVC beauty bash - Decleor treatment room

I've always suspected that my skin gets dehydrated in Winter, but it was good to have this confirmed by a beauty therapist. I also suffer from excessive oiliness, so she recommended the Decleor Flash radiance mask. This would help to boost my complexion, whilst at the same time purifying my skin. It's also good if you're in a rush, as it only takes 3 minutes to work.

Also a bit of a heads up if you're a Decleor fan, they'll be launching a new BB cream within the next few months.

QVC beauty bash
QVC beauty bash 2013

Clarisonic, Clarisonic mia, QVC beauty bash
QVC beauty bash - Clarisonic

Prior to the event, I knew QVC stocked a variety of make up and skincare, but I was shocked to see just how brands many were on display around the exhibition centre! I really liked the look and feel of Bare Minerals new Ready pressed foundation (a medium coverage lightweight powder), and it was great to have a little play with the much sought after Clarisonic mia (the brush head was so soft!).

Penhaligons, QVC beauty bash,
 QVC beauty bash - Penhaligons perfume

QVC beauty bash 2013
QVC beauty bash 2013

Unfortunately we had to leave quite early, but I could have easily spent the whole day just exploring the different brands. Benefit and Philosophy looked like they had some really nice products on display, L'artisan and Penhaligons were showcasing some of their best selling fragrances, and I would have loved the opportunity to speak to OPI and see what exciting new launches they've got planned for this year.

Overall though, it was a fun filled morning, and it was great to catch up with all the other beauty bloggers. If you  get the chance to, then I would definitely recommend putting your name down for next year's QVC beauty bash ballot.

Have you done any shopping with QVC? What's your favourite skincare/make up brand?

Love chases

There's going to be an exciting new product launching soon. The details are still being kept under wraps, but for now, here's a little teaser video:

Any ideas what it could be? Look out for the big reveal soon!

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Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks

When it comes to on trend, fun make up, you really can't go wrong with chic Parisian brand Bourjois. Now after 2 months of exclusivity at Selfridges, they're set to go nation wide with their new Rouge edition lipsticks:

Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks
Bourjois rouge edition, Bourjois rouge edition preppy, Bourjois peche cosy, Bourjois rose tweed, Bourjois brun boheme
Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks (preppy) 
peche cosy, rose tweed, brun boheme

Bourjois rouge edition colour block, Bourjois orange pop up, Bourjois rouge fizz, Bourjois fraise remix, Bourjois rose neon
Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks (colour block)
 orange pop up, rouge buzz, fraise remix, rose neon

Bourjois rouge edition, Bourjois rouge edition night out, Bourjois rouge jet set, Bourjois pretty prune, Bourjois rouge podium, Bourjois rose millesime, Bourjois violine strass
Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks (night out)
rouge jet set, pretty prune, rouge podium, rose millesime, violine strass

Bourjois rouge edition lipstick, Bourjois rose millesime, Bourjois rouge edition rose millesime swatch
 Bourjois rouge edition lipstick rose millesime

Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks come in a choice of 18 shades, and to help you choose, they've split them into 3 colour groups. Preppy for everyday nudes, colour block for brights and girly pinks, and finally night out for darker more dramatic colours.

Formula wise, I'm really impressed with these lipsticks. It glides easily onto the skin, and because it's so moisturising, it feels more like a lipbalm than a traditional lipstick. Don't let that fool you though, because they're packed with pigment and 2 swipes is all it takes to built up a strong opaque colour.

Having swatched them all, my favourite shades are Rose millesime, Rouge podium and Violine strass. The lipsticks are neither matte or glossy, instead I'd describe the finish as more of a subtle sheen. This gives it up to 6 hours of wear, and I like the fact that it fades evenly (although it does start to feel a little dry after 4 hours or so).

Overall though, I'm impressed with the new Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks. They've got a lovely creamy formula, and for a high street brand, there are an impressive number of shades to choose from.

Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks, RRP £7.99. Available now from Boots and Selfridges

What do you think about the new Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks? What's your favourite everyday lip colour?

Winter skincare essentials

During the winter, my skin can often become dry and dehydrated, so today I wanted to talk about 2 mulit-purpose products, both of which have really helped to inject some much needed moisture back into my skin:
Organic surge million dollar anywhere balm
 Organic surge million dollar anywhere balm

Starting with the Organic Surge million dollar anywhere balm. This was a lifesaver for my nose, which was left feeling dry and irritated after a winter cold. It comes as a solid balm, but melts on contact with body heat to become a light scented oil.

On application, it immediately soothed my poor irritated nose, and by the end of the next day, the majority of redness was gone. It contains cocoa and shea butter, so is intensively hydrating, yet still feels surprisingly light on my skin. I now use it on any dry patches of skin, and well as on my cuticles. Oh, and did I mention Million dollar anywhere balm smells exactly like a bowl of lemon sherbet!

Lanolips 101 ointment, Lanolips

Another hero product is Lanolips 101 ointment. To me this is like a thicker, better quality version of Vaseline. What sets Lanolips apart though, it that is uses only 100% pure medical grade Lanolin (a waxy substance that comes from sheep's wool).

I would never have thought to use Lanolin as a moisturiser, but after a quick bit of research it seems to be widely used in the cosmetics industry. I'm assured that Lanolips is vegetarian and most importantly animal cruelty free. Since using Lanolips, I've noticed a real difference in the condition of my lips, and I'd go so far as to say this is one of my favourite lipbalms. It also works well as a cuticle balm, as well as on any areas of dry, cracked skin.

Have you tried any either of these 2 products? What are your winter skincare essentials?

Visiting Market Harborough

Having graduated from university, my friends are now dispersed all over the UK. So last weekend, I packed my bags and headed up north to Market Harborough, where I spent 3 days catching up with old friends, exploring a new town, and of course indulging in lots of delicious food:

In many ways, it was a magical weekend. Snow had yet to hit London, but as soon as I stepped off the train in Market Harborough, I was greeted with the sight of snowflakes gently falling in the darkness. It couldn't have be more different. The next morning, we woke up to heavy snowfall, and everything was covered in a beautiful layer of fluffy white snow.

We had originally planned to drive into Leicester for some shopping, but worried about road conditions, we decided to walk into town centre a spot of lunch instead. The temperature was absolutely freezing, but I thought it was a really picturesque walk, and Market Harborough felt so quaint with all the little shops and boutiques.

 Lunch was in homely little cafe, and I loved the feeling of being all warm and cosy inside, whilst it was cold and snowing outside. The food was a bargain too, and my salad was so big that even I struggled to finish it!

We were joined by my boyfriend later that evening, and the hosts treated us to a delicious slow roast pork, before settling down to watch 'Seeking a friend for the end of the world'. I won't spoil the movie for you, but I will say the ending was rather unexpected and I can't decide if I actually liked the movie or not.

All too soon, it was the end of the weekend, and time to head back to London. But not before a pub lunch, followed by a long afternoon walk and of course, a snowball fight! If you live around Market Harborough, then I'd highly recommend Oat Hill pub. The decor was modern with a touch of shabby chic, staff were friendly and helpful, and most importantly the food was absolutely delicious.

Have you ever been to Market Harborough? What did you get up to last weekend?

Illamasqua SS13, I'mperfection

Last night, I had the chance to preview I'mperfection, the new SS13 collection from Illamasqua. I've always admired Illamasqua for  pushing the boundaries and daring to be different, and this new collection is no exception:

Illamasqua I'mperfection, Illamasqua powder blush duo, Illamasqua blush up brush,
Illamasqua I'm perfection powder blush duos & blush up brush

Illamasqua I'mperfection, Illamasqua immodest lipstick, Illamasqua shoot intense lipgloss
Illamasqua SS13 - I'm perfection

Illamasqua speckled nail varnish, Illamasqua freckle nail varnish, Illamasqua fragile nail varnish, Illamasqua mottle nail varnish, Illamasqua scarce nail varnish, Illamasqua speckle nail varnish, Illamasqua I'mperfection
Illamasqua speckled nail varnish

Illamasqua I'mperfection, Illamasqua SS13
 Illamasqua I'mperfection

The world isn't perfect. But who wants to be perfect anyway?
I'mperfection is an open invititation to stand up and show the world what makes 
you perfectly, imperfect. We want you to highlight the features other brands
 encourage you to cover up and celebrate your imperfections like badges of honour.

At the event, I was immediately drawn to the new Illamasqua speckled nail varnishes. Inspired by the beauty of freckles, they're a really cool mix of opaque colour and black glitter, and just to add to the effect, they have a matte finish too. I had my nails painted with Speckle (the lilac one) and consequently spent the rest of the evening thinking just how much they looked just like Cadburys mini eggs!

Equally gorgeous are the new Powder blusher duos. Each compact features 2 of their best selling shades, and I think Katie & Ambition will be especially popular as it's the perfect mix of matte pink and soft neutral shimmer. There's also a new blush up brush, which is specially designed to help elongate and define the cheekbones. 

Finally, for the more adventurous, there's a new lipstick in Immodest (vivid pink) as well as a rather striking leaf green intense lipgloss in Shoot.

As always with Illamasqua, there's a good mix of colours and textures. I love the idea of a make up brand encouraging us to celebrate and indeed being inspired by our so called imperfections. And with so many options to choose from, there truly is something for everyone in their brilliantly titled new I'mperfection collection.

Illamasqua I'mperfection will be available in stores and online from 31st January.

What do you think about their new I'mperfection collection? Will you be giving speckled nails a go?

Nioxin hair system kit review

For as long as I can remember, I've always longed for thick, glossy looking voluminous hair. Sadly, my fine straight hair had other ideas. So, in a bid to add some volume, I've been using Nioxin, a 3 step haircare system especially designed for people with fine/thinning hair:

Nioxin hair system kit, Nioxin hair system kit review, Nioxin cleanser, Nioxin scalp revitaliser, Nioxin spray on scalp treatment
Nioxin hair system kit

There are 6 Nioxin hair system kits available, and as I have naturally fine (but not thinning) hair, I opted for system 1. Inside each kit, you'll find a cleanser, scalp revitaliser and a spray on scalp treatment.

The kits are very unisex in design, but I actually really enjoyed using the shampoo. I found the strong peppermint scent very refreshing, and despite listing SLS as it's second ingredient, I didn't find it to be at all irrititing. The scalp revitaliser worked well as an everyday conditioner, although I usually supplemented it with a hair mask at the weekend. I didn't always remember to use the scalp treatment, but when I did, it was very light and didn't cause any extra oil production at the roots.

Overall, I think the products are well suited for everyday use. Without extra styling, there was minimal change in the appearance of my hair. What I did notice though, was that it felt thicker and healthier for at least a day after each wash.

Have you tried any of the Nioxin volumising treatments? What's your favourite haircare product?

Aromatherapy Associates miniature bath and shower oil collection

Being the indecisive person that I am, I love little sampler sets. They're a great way of testing out products and you can pick and choose depending on your mood. I was recently introduced to Aromatherapy Associates, and since then, I've been trying out various scents from their miniature bath and shower oil collection:

Aromatherapy Associates miniature bath and shower oil collection, Aromatherapy associates

As you'd expect from Aromatherapy Associates, the bath and shower oils came beautifully presented, and inside the gold box, you'll find 9 luxurious 3ml scents, as well as a little information card.

Just on opening the box alone, I was hit with the most amazing blend of essential oils, and once I'd sniffed them all, I couldn't wait to go jump in the shower! So far, my favourite has to be De-stress mind (frankincense, camomile and rosemary), closely followed by Relax deep (vetivert, camomile and sandalwood). Clearly I'm more stressed out than I realised!

Being more of a shower person, I prefer to use these as pre-shower massage oils, although I have to say the De-stress muscle oil works rather well as a post exericise bath time treat. I find just breathing in these spa like scents helps to make me feel more relaxed, and I've taken to keeping a few of my favourite bottles on my desk, just so I can destress and unwind during the day.

Aromatherapy Associates miniature bath and shower oil collection, RRP £30

Have you tried anything from Aromatherapy Associates? What's your favourite scent?

No 7 cleansing brush - a Clarisonic dupe?

Ever since Clarisonic launched a few years ago, face brushes have become big news. Surprisingly, there has yet to be a high street dupe, so when I found out that No 7 was launching a new cleansing brush, I couldn't wait to put it to the test:
No 7 beautiful skin cleansing brush, No 7 cleansing brush review, Clarisonic, Clarison dupe, Cheaper clarisonic alternative

No 7 cleansing brush arrived in a basic blue box, and inside you'll find an electronic brush, a pre attached brush head and 2 AA batteries. I'm terrible with charging things, so I like the fact that the brush is battery operated, although it does mean that the handle isn't waterproof. The brush has 2 rotating speeds, which you can control using the little button on the handle.

No 7 beautiful skin cleansing brush, No 7 cleansing brush review, Clarisonic, Clarison dupe, Cheaper clarisonic alternative, Electric face brush
No 7 beautiful skin cleansing brush

To use the No 7 cleansing brush, you simply apply cleanser as normal, then wet the brush head and gently massage into your forehead, cheeks and chin. I found the brush easy enough to use, and afterwards my skin always felt super soft and smooth. A word of caution though, the brush head can be a little harsh so make sure you don't press too hard or go over the same area twice. I did this the first couple of times and it was far too abrasive for my skin.

From what I've read online, Clarisonic has an oscillating rather than rotating action, so No 7 cleansing brush isn't an exact dupe.  I personally wouldn't use this on a daily basis, but if you like strong face scrubs, then this would work well as a weekly deep cleanse/exfoliator. I'm also hoping that in time, No 7 will bring out a range of brush heads, as I'd love to see a softer one for more sensitive skin.

No 7 Cleansing brush, RRP £25, available instores and online at Boots.com

Are you a fan of the Clarisonic? What do you think about the new No 7 cleansing brush?

Debenhams Spring/Summer 2013

We may be in the depth of a snow storm right now, but I thought it might be nice to look forward with a preview of what can expect to find in stores this Spring/Summer. Starting today, with some of my top picks from the Debenhams SS 2013 collection:

Debenhams SS13
 Debenhams SS13

Debenhams SS13, Jimmy Choo perfume, Marc jacobs perfume, Pure DKNY perfume, Narciso rodriguez perfume
 Debenhams SS13 - New fragrances

Debenhams SS13, Debenhams ss13 prom dresses, Debenhams SS13 summer dresses
 Debenhams SS13 - Fifties style prom dresses

Debenhams SS13, Debenhams SS13 handbags, Debenhams SS13 shoes, Debenhams SS13 studded handbags
 Debenhams SS13 - Studded handbags

Debenhams SS13, Debenhams SS13 homeware, Debenhams SS13 bedding, Debenhams SS13 cushions
 Debenhams SS13 - Stylish bedding and cushions

Debenhams SS13, Debenhams SS13 kitchenware, Debenhams SS13 dinner ware
 Debenhams SS13 - Super cute kitchen ware

As you can see, there will be a good range of products in store this Spring/Summer. They've got some lovely prom dresses, as well as a whole range of stylish beach wear. I'm currently debating whether to treat myself to the white quilted shoulder bag or the tan studded handbag, and I'm loving all their super cute bedroom and kitchen accessories.

Is there much snow where you are? What's your favourite piece from the Debenhams SS13 collection?

Instagram 017 - Baking, Cirque du soleil and A weekend away

Flinders street, Melbourne, Australia, Ferrero rocher, London
 Reminiscing about Australia/ Christmas chocolates/ It's good to be back in London

Tresemme platinum strenght, Cirque du soleil kooza, Cirque du soleil wheel of death, Lunch, Duck, Prawns, Seabass
New Tresemme platinum strength/ Cirque du soleil/ Bloggers meet up and lunch

Baking, Gingerbread men, Amazon kindle paperwhite, Park
 Baking/ Late Christmas present/ A pretty little park

Fifty shades of grey, Lunch, Sandwich, Scotch egg, Whitsunday, Australia
Jumping on the bandwagon/ Homemade lunch/ Current iPhone background

Spicy pork dumplings, Leicester, Market harborough, Snow, Amazon paperwhite kindle, Hot chocolate, Noble Isle scented candle
Spicy pork dumplings/ Visiting a friend up in snowy Leicester/ How I spent the last few hours

Have you been up to much over the last few weeks? What are your favourite Kindle books?

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask review

During the winter, I always find myself switching to more nourishing night cream. It's not always enough though, and this week, a combination of cold weather, central heating and a sniffly cold has left it feeling rather tight and irritated. Usually, I'd switch to a face oil, but this time I thought I'd give the new Clinique moisture surge overnight mask a go:

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask is designed to be used after your usual night cream, and texture wise, it's similar to that of a rich creamy moisturizer. It takes a good few minutes to sink in, during which time I like to give my face a mini massage. As far as I can tell, the mask is unscented, although I do have a cold at the moment, so my sense of smell is not as sensitive. 

What really impressed me though was the fact that upon application, my skin immediately felt less irritated and more comfortable. Despite the rich formula, the mask is oil free and I didn't find to to be at all greasy. The next morning, my skin felt more plumped up, and although it didn't get rid of all the dry patches around my nose, it did at least leave my skin feeling more nourished and less sensitive.

Overall, I think Clinique moisture surge overnight mask is a really useful product to have to hand. It's easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and for frequent flyers, this would be perfect as an in flight face mask. 

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask, RRP £28, available now from Boots

Are you a fan of the Clinique moisture surge range? What are your winter skincare essentials?

Bourjois Aristo Clash

Bourjois are on a roll with their seasonal collections. For Winter 2013, they're launching Aristo Clash, an elegant and yet eccentric collection that's one of my favourites to date:

Bourjois aristo clash
 Bourjois Aristo Clash

Launching in February, Bourjois Aristo Clash features 4 items, all of which are based around the colour purple. Of the 4, my favourite piece has to be their new So laque ultra shine nail enamel in Fashion gris gris. I'm already a big fan of the formula, and fashion gris gris is the perfect mix of effortless greige and girly lavender. Purple fiction on the other hand, is more of a deep purple. A statement colour that I'll be saving for a night out.

There are also 2 new eye products. Despite the name, I find Intense little round pot in Gris violace to be quite a soft colour. That's not a bad thing though, as it looks lovely swept over the lids, or in the inner corner as an highlight. I'm not usually one for coloured eye make up, but even I could be persuaded to use Contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner in purple night. It's a nice creamy formula, which just adds a pop of shimmery colour without being too dramatic.

These days, I pretty much only ever wear neutral eye make up, but I think Bourjois have got it just right with this collection. The colours are on trend and fun, but at the same time, still flattering and easy to wear.

What do you think about the new collection? Do you tend to experiment with colour or stick to safe neutrals?

Model Co fibre lash mascara review

As someone with short straight eyelashes, mascara is pretty much an everyday essential for me. Model Co fibre lash mascara promises to give the effect of brush on false eyelashes, a claim that I was very keen to test out:

Model Co fibre lash mascara, Model co fibre lash brush on false lashes mascara, Model Co fibre lash review

Model Co fibre lash mascara comes in 2 parts, a black extension mascara and the brush on fibres (which in the tube, looks like strands of cotton wool). Application was easy enough, you simply apply a coat of the black mascara, wait for it to dry, add on a coat of the brush on fibres, then finish it off with another coat of the black extension mascara.

Model Co fibre lash mascara, Model co fibre lash brush on false lashes mascara, Model Co fibre lash review, Model co fibre lash lash extension mascara, Model co fibre lash brush on fibres
 Model Co fibre lash extension mascara and lash fibres

Model Co fibre lash mascara, Model co fibre lash brush on false lashes mascara, Model Co fibre lash review, Model co fibre lash mascara before and after, Model col fibre lash mascara applied, Model co fibre lash mascara swatch
Model Co fibre lash mascara before and after 

It felt quite odd to be using fibres as a mascara base and it certainly looked rather comical! Luckily a second coat of the black extension mascara soon covers all the white bits. As you can see from the photo, it's not as dramatic as having false eyelashes, but compared to a normal mascara, it definitely helps to add some extra length and volume.

Model Co fibre lash mascara lasts relatively well throughout the day, and it was quick and easy to remove using my usual Bioderma cleanser. Because it's a 3 step application process, I wouldn't use this every day. However, on weekends and special occasions, it's definitely worth taking a little extra time for a more dramatic effect.

Model Co fibre lash mascara, RRP £35, available in store and online from Boots.com

Have you tried the Model Co fibre lash mascara? What's your favourite everyday mascara?

Creating a box of happy memories for 2013

When I was looking back through 2012, I realised just how easy it was to forget the little events that happened throughout the year. I initially toyed with the idea of getting a scrapbook for 2013, but in the end decided it would be easier to fill a memory box instead:

Memory box, Memory jar, Scrapbook, DIY, 2013 memory box
2013 memory box

The idea was originally inspired by the Happiness jar, something that a lot of bloggers posted about earlier this month. I didn't have any glass jars to hand, but what I did have was an abundance of cardboard boxes (which is just as well given how clumsy I can be!). This particular box has a pull out drawer, and I decorated it with the bow from my Next Noel candle. An old Glossybox or chocolate tin would also work just as well.

It's early days yet, but in the memory box so far are train tickets from my visit to an old school friend, show passes from my evening at Cirque du soleil and a lunch receipt from a recent bloggers meet up. I'm now really looking forward to filling up the box with good memories, then emptying it out at the end of the year and reminding myself just what a good time I had in 2013.

Will you be doing a memory box/jar this year? What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

Tresemme platinum strength and Cirque du soleil

Tresemme are launching a new Platinum strength range, and to celebrate, they treated a bunch of us lucky bloggers to a lovely evening out at Cirque du soleil:

Tresemme, tresemme platinum strength, Tresemme platinum strength shampoo, Tresemme platinum strength conditioner, Tresemme platinum strength renewing deep conditioning treatment, tresemme platinum strength stay soft leave in, tresemme platinum strength instant rescue shot
 Tresemme platinum strength

The new range is made up of 5 products, all designed to work together to fortify and protect damaged hair. I didn't know this, but when hair becomes damaged, lipids are removed from the outer layer, leaving your hair feeling course and rough. Tresemme platinum strength aims to replace some of these lipids, and claims to reverse 2 years worth of damage in just 5 uses!

Tresemme, Tresemme platinum strength, Tresemme platinum strength instant rescue shot
 Tresemme platinum strength instant rescue shot

Although I don't regularly use heat or colour my hair, it has been nearly a year since my hair cut, so the ends of my hair are definitely feeling a little worse for wear. My roots are still on the oily side though, so I'm reluctant to try such a moisturising shampoo. I am however a big fan of the Platinum strength instant rescue shot. It comes in a handy little tube, has a lovely fruity floral scent, and rinses off after just 60 seconds to leave my hair feeling super soft, smooth, and tangle free.

Cirque du soleil, Cirque du soleil kooza, Cirque du soleil double high wireCirque du soleil, Cirque du soleil kooza, Cirque du soleil balancing on chairs
Cirque du soleil, Cirque du soleil kooza, cirque du soleil wheel of death
Cirque du soleil, Cirque du soleil kooza, cirque du soleil teeterboard
Cirque du soleil Kooza 

I also wanted to share some photos from the Cirque du soleil show. Some of the acts were truely breathtaking, and even now, I'm still amazed at the talent and flexibility on show! My personal favourites were the Trapeze, Teeterboard and Wheel of death (even if I spent half of it hiding behind my hands, terrified that they were going to fall off and die!).

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and If you ever get the chance to, I would definitely recommend getting some tickets for the Cirque du soleil Kooza show.

What do you think about the new Tresemme platinum range? Have you ever seen a Cirque du soleil show?
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