Nioxin hair system kit review

For as long as I can remember, I've always longed for thick, glossy looking voluminous hair. Sadly, my fine straight hair had other ideas. So, in a bid to add some volume, I've been using Nioxin, a 3 step haircare system especially designed for people with fine/thinning hair:

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Nioxin hair system kit

There are 6 Nioxin hair system kits available, and as I have naturally fine (but not thinning) hair, I opted for system 1. Inside each kit, you'll find a cleanser, scalp revitaliser and a spray on scalp treatment.

The kits are very unisex in design, but I actually really enjoyed using the shampoo. I found the strong peppermint scent very refreshing, and despite listing SLS as it's second ingredient, I didn't find it to be at all irrititing. The scalp revitaliser worked well as an everyday conditioner, although I usually supplemented it with a hair mask at the weekend. I didn't always remember to use the scalp treatment, but when I did, it was very light and didn't cause any extra oil production at the roots.

Overall, I think the products are well suited for everyday use. Without extra styling, there was minimal change in the appearance of my hair. What I did notice though, was that it felt thicker and healthier for at least a day after each wash.

Have you tried any of the Nioxin volumising treatments? What's your favourite haircare product?


  1. I have hair loss, its something I have blogged about. I have used this set from Nioxin but in another version - level 6. It didnt work for me, I found it too harsh due to the SLS and I saw no difference in my hair loss.
    I know a lot of people like this brand for hair loss but it was a major fail for me. My review is going up tomorrow.

    1. I usually struggle with SLS so was really surprised that it didn't irritate my scalp. It's a shame that it didn't work for you. Am looking forward to reading your review tomorrow x


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