Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator review

Since I switched to hot cloth cleansers, I don't feel the need to exfoliate as much and find a lot of products too harsh for my face, but 'Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator' really does live up to it's name and it's quicky become a new skincare favourite.

I'd describe it as a light creamy consistency with tiny beads of jojoba seed. The seeds are nice and round, so they're super gentle and non scratchy, but at the same time effective enough that you can feel it working on the skin.

The product comes with a pump dispenser and like a lot of Liz Earle products, there's a distinctive essential oil scent. The exfoliator also contain cocoa butter so it's lightly moisturising and it rinse away easily with water.

Overall I'm very impressed with this exfoliator, it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed without being harsh or scratchy, and it's one of the few exfoliators that I find gentle enough to use more than once a week.

Have you tried this exfoliator? What do you use to keep your skin soft and smooth?


  1. I take it that this doesn't foam up? I really want to try Liz Earle but it seems that all of their cleansers and exfoliators are cream based which I can't stand. Do you know if you can buy sample sizes to try?

  2. Skin Scrubs- No, like you say, it's cream based and very gentle so won't foam up. I've just had a look on the website and they sell a 15ml tube for £4.85 x

  3. i used to use this - i think im going to go back to it - made the mistake of buying a clarins one which was really scratchy!

  4. Smaira - Glad you like it too, shame the Clarins one didn't work for you x

  5. Oh wow! Liz Earle really has some amazing skin care products. This scrub particularly looks really great.I like the fact that it has Cocoa butter in it and doesn't dry out the skin.
    I've only tried the Cleanse and Polish and I've read sooo many good reviews about their range that I'm really looking forward to going to the UK and get more of their products :)

  6. Marilou- I really do think they're one of the best companies for skincare. Happy shopping when you come to the UK! x

  7. Exfoliate only twice a week.

  8. Ms. Givens - Don't worry, I usually only do it once a week but this is so gentle that I sometimes do it twice a week x


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