Giveaway: £50 Experience Days gift voucher

As promised, here's another giveaway, this time courtesy of Experience days UK.

The prize will be a £50 voucher, which you can put towards a gift experience of your choice. The website features everything from meals out to spa days and overnight breaks, so you'll be spoilt for choice!

For you chance to win, simply 'like' Peonies and lilies on Facebook, and leave a comment below telling me what your favourite treat is. Finally, don't forget to leave an email address or twitter name so I can get in touch if you are the lucky winner.

This giveaway is open to all UK residents and will close at 11pm on 27th May.

Good luck!


  1. My favourite treat is possibly a face mask. I don't really have many 'treats' as such!xx

  2. My favourite treat normally is a nice meal out, but my fave treat from all those amazing things on experience days would be the treehouse stay!! Looks amazing!

    Twitter: button_moon88 xoxo

  3. My favourite treat is a lovely meal, or a trip to the theatre!
    Lovely giveaway

  4. My favourite treat is a cake, preferably a peanut butter cupcake - heaven.

    I follow with GFC - Victoria
    Like you on facebook.


    Thanks for the giveaway

  5. My favourite treat is a facial. Nothing else is as calming and relaxing! I tihnk it's because it's simply impossible to do anything else at the same time.

  6. My favourite treat is a beauty- facial, nails. I would love to relax especially as I have my GCSE exams

  7. My favourite treat would be having my nails done as I hate doing them myself but it's an instant mood booster

  8. my favourite treat is a pedicure and foot massage
    I have problems with my feet (and rather ugly feet as my OH once risked telling me!) and these treatments make me feel instantly better!

  9. My favourite treat is a night in with my boyfriend, cooking together then curling up to watch a film or play a board game (because we're cool like that!!)
    I'd love to put the money towards a treat for him though, I especially love the look of the chocolate workshop!
    @JesssXD, liked on Facebook as Jess Smith.
    Great giveaway, thank you so much.


  10. My favourite treat is a spa day! Amazing prize, thank you!
    I've been working on my research project while working full time and looking after my little boy, so I really deserve a spa break!
    I've liked your page on Facebook.
    @LilinhaAngel :) x

  11. My favourite treat would have to be...
    Some time to myself to relax with a glass of wine, my favourite pudding and some first class pampering :)
    Facebook has been liked!
    Twitter: @ErinWilsonn

  12. Hi,

    As I have 16 exams to get through this summer I feel very stressed and nervous. I like to take some time off to pamper myself. I put on a face mask and indulge on your blog. I feel that it is so inspiring, especially when i'm feeling down with revision. It really helps to keep my mind off revision!

    Facebook liked!
    twitter: @moon_av

  13. definitely a pamper day! Since the birth of my second child seven months ago, it has been a long time since I was a pampered! You can get me on twitter @esthermate


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