L'artisan skin on skin eau de parfum

With it's solid glass bottle, gold topped lid and velvety gift box, L'artisan skin on skin eau de parfum has to be my most luxurious and expensive perfume yet. However for the month that sees me celebrate both my anniversary and Valentine's day (plus a short trip to the fashion capital that is Paris) it seemed only appropriate to go for such a beautiful fragrance:

L'artisan skin on skin eau de parfum

What I like about L'artisan is that their perfumes are all so unique - they've managed to capture the spirit of Paris in a bottle and no matter which fragrance I go for, it's easy to imagine myself sat in a traditional smoke filled cafe, glass of wine or coffee in hand being uber chic and watching the world go by.

Designed as part of the Explosions d'emotions range, L'artisan skin on skin eau de parfum blends together notes of iris, suede, saffron, lavender and rose. As you'd expect from such a provocative name, Skin on skin is rich, smokey and seductive, with just a hint of powdery musk to add that feminine edge.

At £135 a bottle it's definitely an investment purchase, although ml for ml it actually works out cheaper than some of the big name high street perfumes. For me though not only is perfume is intrinsically linked to emotion, it also has this amazing ability to transport you back and I love the idea of being able to spray this again someday in the future and be reminded of all the happy memories from this month.

Have you tried anything from L'artisan? What's been your favourite perfume this month?


  1. I have never tried anything from this brand, it sound very nice though x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. They're quite niche but they do some great perfumes, would definitely recommend checking out x


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