Maxfactor facefinity all day primer

Maxfactor facefinity primer - the latest addition to my make up bag and a surprising new beauty favourite. Previously I'd only ever use primers on special occasions, but thanks to it's light fluid texture and quick and easy application Maxfactor facefinity primer has quickly become one of my daily essentials:

Maxfactor facefinity all day primer

Maxfactor facefinity primer started life as the secret ingredient in their Flawless 3 in 1 foundation, but thanks to high demand it's now been bottled and sold as a product in it's own right. Unlike most other primers, it lacks that velvety silicone rich texture, instead it's very thin and fluid like, making it much quicker and easier to apply (great if like myself you're always in a rush in the morning).

I find one pump dispenses just the right amount and it leaves my skin looking mattified but still radiant and healthy. Throughout the course of the day 'micro correctors' help to absorb any excess oil and since using this I've noticed a big difference in the longevity of my make up. I no longer need to powder as often, foundation stays in place for longer and my T-zone doesn't get nearly as shiny.

Because it doesn't have that silicone rich texture it's not as smoothing as other primers, but as my main concerns are oil control and longer lasting make up this primer works really well for me. Best of all, it retails for just £10.99 and there's SPF 20 to help protect against sun damage too.

Have you tried this new Maxfactor primer? What are your top tips for helping make up last longer?

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