The Library of Fragrance perfume review

It's always exciting to see new brands launching in the UK, especially if its one that I've previously wanted to try anyway. Back in 2013 whilst on holiday in New York I came across Demeter fragrance, a brand which had over 300 scents, all based on single notes and subtle blends. Unfortunately at the time there were no testers available and as the brand wasn't available in the UK I thought nothing more of it. Fast forward to 2015 and they've now launched as Library of fragrance here in the UK:

The range is absolutely huge and has everything from traditional scents such as peony and jasmine to more unique offerings such as fireplace and thunderstorm. Each scent can be worn alone or blended together to create your own totally unique perfume. Currently there are 101 scents available in the UK and although the choice was rather overwhelming at first there were 3 that immediately jumped out at me.

Of the 3 my favourite has to be Fireplace, an intriguing warm and spicy fragrance which I just can't stop smelling. It's the darkest of the 3 and to my nose has blends of leather and wood, with just a hint of sweetness to bring it all together. It works well as an evening fragrance but during the day I also like to layer it with peony or one of my other spring/summer perfumes for something a bit more fruity/floral.

Clean skin on the other hand is much more subtle, with notes of orange, lemon, rose, bergamot, peach and vanilla. It really does remind me of that feeling you get having just stepped out of the shower and it's the perfect daytime scent for work. Finally there's peony which I must admit I choose purely for the name. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of pure florals but this is surprisingly light and goes rather well with both Fireplace and Clean skin.

As the scents are all colognes they're not the most long lasting however each spray is a nice little pick me up and the small bottles perfect for chucking into my handbag. Currently 28 of their most popular scents are available in Boots and I can see myself going along for another sniffing session soon. I'm intrugued to see what Moonbeam and Snow smell like and I'm tempted to pick up Vanilla ice cream too!
Have you tried any of the Library of Fragrance perfumes? What's your current favourite perfume? 


  1. These look lovely - I love the simple packaging. x

    1. Thanks Lily, they're certainly very simple and practical x

  2. Love the simplicity :)

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  4. best perfume thanks for share uit.


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