Three new cleansers to try

Over the years I've learnt to really invest in skincare. A good moisturiser is essential but make up removal is just as important and recently I've been loving these three cleansers:

Clinique, Antipodes, Garnier, Clinique take the day off towlettes, Garnier micellar cleansing water, Antipodes grapeseed butter cleanser, Review,
Three new cleansers to try - Clinique, Garnier and Antipodes

Antipodes grapeseed butter cleanser, Antipodes, Review

As soon as I get home I like to take my eye make up off and Garnier micellar cleansing water is the closest dupe I've found to the cult classic Bioderma (currently £3.33 here). A clear unperfumed liquid, I simply apply onto a cotton pad and it works like a magnet to attract any dirt or make up. I find it super gentle yet effective and within a minute all my mascara and eyeshadow is cleansed off. There's no need for any rubbing and it leaves my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated.

On days when I'm wearing particularly heavy make up or before exercise I like to use Clinique take the day off micellar cleansing towlettes (£16 here). Each cloth is soaked in the gentle cleansing liquid and it does a good job of removing any foundation or eye make up prior to my evening routine. Compared to a lot of the other cleansing wipes I find this to be kinder on the skin and resealable packaging makes it nice and convenient to throw into my gym bag. 

Finally I always like to end the day with a thorough balm cleanse. Antipodes grapefruit butter cleanser has small seeds to gently exfoliate and melts into the most beautifully scented oil (currently £22.49 here). I like to really work the balm into the skin and you can almost feel the make up melting off. Unlike a lot of balm cleansers it doesn't emulsify so takes longer to wash off with a flannel but the upside is that my skin is more thoroughly cleansed and it always feels soft and nourished afterwards. 

Have you tried any of these three cleansers? What are your summer skincare essentials?


  1. That balm cleanser looks dreamy, I might have to get that after your review! Kerrie xxx


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