Burt's Bees shea and grapefruit deep conditioner review

I've always associated deep conditioners with a thick creamy consistency, so was very surprised at how light this particular conditioner was.

On application, it's feels like a fluid and just disappears into my hair, but despite this, it still manages to moisturize and detangle my hair as well as any other conditioner.

One of my favourite things about this conditioner, is the subtle yet invigorating citrus scent, which lightly lingers in my hair, even after washing.

I personally wouldn't use this as a deep conditioner, but because of it's light consistency, it's super quick and easy to rinse out, making it a great everyday conditioner for my fine hair.

Have you tried any haircare products from Burt's Bees? What's your favourite conditioner for everyday use?


  1. I love this too, and Burts Bees' shampoos are great as well. Not to mention their lipbalms... One of my fave brands atm!



  2. Miss A - Glad you like it too. I've heard good things about their lipbalms and their shampoos are next on my list to try x

  3. Thanks for the review! I really want to try out some products from Burt's Bees but still a little hesitant.

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  4. have never tried this...but i love burts bees so will have to look out for it xox

  5. Charlene- You're welcome, maybe you could try one of their lipbalms or a kit of mini products? x

    Steph xox - I hope you like it x

  6. This sounds really nice. I've not tried any Burts Bees products but a few of my friends use their lipbalms. x

  7. definately going to try this out :)
    gorgeous review!! x

  8. In Palace - Glad you like it x

    LilyLipstick - Seems their lipbalms are really popular, everyone seems to rate then :) x

    ..R May A.. - Thank you, hope you like it x

  9. I haven't tried any of Burt's Bees hair products, but I'm curious! Thanks for this review!

  10. I've not tried Burt's Bees hair products either. You and I have similar hair types so if it works for you it should work for me too!

  11. Skin Scrubs- Hopefully it'll work just as well for you x


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