Living nature foundation and Alva pimple stick review

I'm obsessed with foundations at the moment, so for January's myPure parcel I decided to try out the Living nature foundation, as well as an anti-spot oil from Alva rhassoul:

Living nature foundation in Pure sand

This medium coverage foundation is nicely packaged in a heavy weight glass bottle with a pump, although I would have preferred a lid as well. The foundation is a little on the thick side, but provided you blended quickly, it doesn't cause any problems.

However the colour was just a little too pink for my skin, which is a real shame, as I loved the idea of using a foundation full of natural skin nourishing ingredients.

Alva rhassoul pimple stick

The first thing I noticed with this was the strong scent of lavender oil, which took me about a week to get used to. That said, it was very effective at calming down and reducing the size of my spots.

For hygiene reasons, I like to apply the oil using my fingertips, instead of directly onto the spot. I personally would have preferred a roll on instead of the sponge top it comes with, as I found it difficult to squeeze out enough oil from the sponge but overall, it is a good natural spot treatment.

Have you tried either of these 2 products? Which products have disappointed you recently?


  1. ooo Im really intrigued by the Alva Rhassoul stick! Great review :)
    I just did a Revlon vs. M.A.C. foundation review on my new blog:

    much love xxx

  2. Lila Loves- Thank you, hope you found it helpful x

  3. Great reviews! That's a shame about the shade of the foundation and the pimple stick looks like an intriguing product! xoxo

  4. jennie - Thank you. I really wanted to like that foundation but the shade just didn't suit me :( I wish all online companies did tester pots, would make colour matching so much easier. I think you'd like the pimple stick x

  5. i love the name of ur blog!! so cute :D

  6. i love natural foundation reviews, t hanks for posting! i have yet to find a natural foundation (that isn't a mineral powder) that has been the right shade though, they are always a bit too dark for my skin!

  7. A Certain Vintage - You're welcome. I think a big part of the problem is that they're mostly sold online and its hard to colour match online. They should sell mini bottles so its easier for people to try them out x


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