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Hello everyone, my name is Kathleen and I am a photography and fashion blogger. When Fei tweeted that she was looking for guest bloggers, I jumped at the chance to guest blog on such a wonderful beauty blog! With this in mind, I'm gonna take you through my biggest beauty obsession - nail varnish!

In this post I will show you the two colours and brands I'm loving most at the mo!

First up we have the Rimmel 60 second "sky high" - a nail varnish that is fresh, funky and playful! Its turquoise colour is perfect for these gloomy days and hey - every time I look at my fingers, it makes me smile! :) My only fault is that it takes 2-3 layers for it to be prettyful on your nails, so when you’re in a hurry, this particular brand may not be best for a quick paint. It is long lasting though and definitely worth the price.

Secondly, we have this cute peachy coral Essence nail varnish "What do you Think?". The big seller for me here was the price! Essence have a great range of nail varnishes in so many colours and because they are so cheap, I always buy two or three! This particular nail varnish is real easy to apply and looks so cute with all my daily outfits. Again another colour to make you smile and it's real funky for the festival season! My only fault would be that it chips quite easily but hey, the colour is so gorgeous on, I can't really complain! :)

So there you have it lovelies, my top two nail varnishes for the summer months! I hope you enjoyed my guest post as much as I enjoyed writing it and a big thanks to Fei for giving me this opportunity! :) I'd love for you to check out my fashion blog "Squidgy's Fashion Corner" and my photography blog "Squidgy Moments" :) You will also find me on Twitter.

Thanks so much for reading my post and I look forward to networking with you! :) Kathleen xoxo

Thanks so much for the guest post Kathleen!


  1. i have fallen in love with the rimmel polish i am going to have to go out and get a bottle :)

  2. Thanks lovely! I love it! :)

  3. I keep hearing about Essence nail polishes. Where can I buy them from? I think I may have possibly seen them once but can't think where. I've been a fan of Rimmel polishes for a long time and I love that colour! But I tend to wear the same colours and I don't have many polishes so I'm wondering whether to upgrade mine to more luxury ones like OPI and Chinaglaze. Got my first Chinaglaze so need to check that out. People say OPI are worth the money. Never tried though. Hmmm...

  4. I'm wearing Sky High on my toenails at the moment! Definitely one of my favourite nail varnishes ever :D I have a ridiculous amount of Rimmel nail varnishes - so cheap & such a brilliant range of colours!!

    I'll definitely check out your blog :)

    Lois xxx

  5. the colors are so pretty and great for summer! :)

  6. Thanks so much lovely's :) Here in Ireland, I purchase my Essence nail varnishes in Penneys so they should be in your Primark! :) xxx

  7. Great colours! Lovely blog :) xx

  8. will check her blog out. thanks for sharing! :)BTW, nice blog. Keep it up!
    Definitely going to follow you :)
    misskatv ✿

  9. I love the second colour, so summery!!

  10. looove rimmel nailpolish. wearing it right now.. cute blog.



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