Project bathroom update

Project bathroom seems to have slowed down again, but just before I left for Australia I decided to clear out my eye make up, some of which had definitely seen better days! Here's what I managed to use up/cleared out:

Liz Earle Botanical shine shampoo
MAC zoom fast black lash mascara
No 7 exquisite curl mascara
MAXfactor Xperience volumising mascara
Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner
Pantene aqua light shampoo
Batiste dry shampoo in Boho
Batiste dry shampoo in Brit
All for Eve hand cream
Garnier clean&fresh cleansing milk

How are you getting on project bathroom? Do you tend to have regular clear outs?


  1. I don't do anything like a "project bathroom" but I really really should I love getting new bath/shower gels and stuff but I never finish the old ones. So many products and no where to put them :(

  2. I did a massive clear out when I moved out of my University house last June, and threw out about 90% of my stuff! it's amazing how many toiletries you can end up collecting/hoarding :P xxx

  3. After all the shopping I've done recently I've got loads of stuff to use up so it's a no buy for the time being otherwise I won't be able to open the bathroom door! Lol

  4. i really should tidy my bathroom it like a bubble party in there =0=! with alot of old stuff, that doesnt seem to finish but are still alright ==!

    CMPang x

  5. I've totally slacked on my 'project bathroom' posts! I need to get back on it.. I just chucked things away when id finished them when i had my blogging break!

  6. I don't have problems with using toiletries, but I did just have a major blog sale!

  7. Jen - Lol I still have that problem! It's great when you finish something though x

    Heather - Tell me about it! Well done for throwing away so many things, I could never bring myself to do that x

    Skin Scrubs- Lol you did some seriously impressive hauling! Have fun trying out all the new products x

  8. Mai - You should give it a go, it's so satisfying using up toiletries x

    Leanne Marie - That's a shame, looking forward to seeing future posts though x

    Jamilla Camel - Well done! I could do with selling some of my collection lol x


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