Gielly Green blowdry

A few weeks ago, I was treated to a complimentary blow dry at Gielly Green, a boutique salon located in the heart of London's Maryleborne.

After a quick introduction and consultation with junior stylist Simone, I was ready to have my hair washed in preparation for the blowdry. The salon was busy, but I was impressed that the staff took the time to ask about my conditioning preferences and gave me a mini head massage.

As I have long straight hair, I asked for loose bouncy waves. My hair was divided into at least 15 sections and Simone spent a good few minutes blowdrying each section to ensure they all had a good curl. It would have been nice to be offered a heat protection spray, but I liked the fact that he didn't go overboard with styling products.

About 45 minutes later, I was left with lots of lovely curls. The above photo was taken after 3 hours of walking in the wind. As my hair insists on being straight, most of the curls disappeared after a day, but the volume and bounce remained until my next wash.

My visit was on a busy Saturday afternoon, but there were plenty of staff around, all of whom were polite and helpful. Simone really took his time to ensure I had a good blow dry and I was well looked after with drinks and magazines. Overall, I thought it was a lovely salon and I loved how voluminous my hair was for that weekend.

Have you ever been to Gielly Green? Do you prefer to wear your hair curly or straight?


  1. Your hair looks lovely. I really want to try Gielly Green next time I need a haircut. I love getting professional blowdries as I'm usually quite lazy with my hair and just leave it straight. x

    1. Same, my hair's so long that I almost never bother to blow dry it. Your hair always looks lovely though x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! I'd love to have a prof blow dry but my hair is really short now! When it was long I think I preferred it curly, now I don't have much choice, its kinda in the middle! XxxX

    1. Thank you. Curly long hair is so pretty, I'd love for mine to be naturally like that. You sound like you've got lovely loose waves at the moment x

  3. Oh your hair looks so nice! Your so lucky to get treated like this ;)
    Emma xx

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! So pretty! x


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