Australia highlights part 2

After our boat trip around the Whitsunday islands, we flew to Brisbane, where we caught up with old friends and took in the sights of one of Australia's sunniest cities. We then spend a day exploring Fraser island, before travelling down to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Here are some of my highlights from my time there:


Going for a lovely cruise along the river

Marvelling at how beautiful the city looks at night

The yummiest steak sandwich with green pesto and chargrilled vegetables

Watching a film at the open air cinema

Fraser Island
Admiring the famous Maheno shipwreck

Going for a swim in the beautifully clear freshwater of Lake McKenzie

Gold Coast

Relaxing on the beach at Gold coast

Byron Bay

Going for a cliff top walk and discovering we were at Australia's most easterly point

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Have you been to any of these places? Where's your favourite holiday destination?


  1. I have exactly the same picture at the most easterly point although it was really cloudy when I was there! x

    1. Oh no :( seems you got quite unlucky with the weather. Might have been a nicer walk though, I had to stop so many times to have some water and cool down x

  2. Wow, I would love to go there, and that steak sandwich looks delicious! X

    1. It's a beautiful country, and that was the yummiest steak I've ever had in a restauant x

  3. I would love to go to Australia, it looks so interesting there! :)

    1. It's such a beautiful and diverse country, would highly recommend x

  4. Photos bring back memories, I'm going again in June and cannot wait. I love Australia x

    1. So jealous that you're going in June, I'd love to visit Australia again x

  5. Ahhh was wondering when you were going to get the next set up!
    I never got round to the drive in theatre in Melbourne, sad times.
    That lake looks incredible! Which the water were the same in Melbourne.

    Hope you're well! x

    1. Can you believe it's been so long since both our trips to Australia! I didn't even know there was a drive in theatre, but that would have been an amazing experience. Something to add to the list for next time :) x


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