Review: Alpha H age delay cleansing oil

Alpha H have been raved about so much in recent months, and although I've yet to try their famous liquid gold, I am absolutely loving their new cleansing oil:

Consistency wise, this is similar to a tub of Vaseline, and the oil base means it's spreads beautifully on the skin. I like to really massage it into the skin, and in doing so it does a great job of dissolving my make up. Like my beloved Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm, it's an emulsifying cleanser, which means it turns into a milk on contact with water, and rinses away easily. I then like to use a flannel cloth to gently exfoliate and wipe away any last any last traces.

With ingredients such as grape seed, sea buckthorn, coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender, rosehip, chamomile, and tangerine peel, the cleansing oil is not only great for my skin, it also smells absolutely amazing.

Nowadays, emulsifying balms and oils are my cleanser of choice. They are a real treat to use, great for make up removal, and always leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Ps. Mine was a little sample pot, the actual product will come in a 100ml tube.

Have you tried any cleansing balms/oils? What's your favourite cleanser?


  1. Have they rebranded? The logo looks different, no??!!

  2. Yes I just noticed that they have changed their branding! I've not tried cleansing oil balms yet as I already have oily skin so this has been a hard concept to get my head around. I do love Alpha stuff though so I'll put this on the wish list! x

    1. Definitely give oils a try. I've been using them a lot in my skincare, and it hasn't made my skin oilier. They are so luxurious and feel really pampering on the skin x


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