It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, so instead of my usual 'week in Instagram' photos, I thought I'd show you some of my highlights from the last months or so:

Yummy new GBK burgers/Love this eyeshadow palette/Sushi

Pretty new ring/18th floor view of Canary Wharf/Christmas in July press day

Summer BBQ/Blogger's event at Vanilla/Dim sum with a friend

Love these Mavala sets/Canal side Mojitos/Spending the weekend in Birmingham

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my username is 'Peonieslilies'

Have you been up to much recently recently? What's your favourite meal/cocktail?


  1. It looks like you've been doing a lot! Oooh what I wouldn't give for Cocktail weather right now!

    Helen xxx

    1. It's been spread out over a couple of weeks, but it has been fun. Fingers crossed we get some more sunshine soon! x

  2. The new look ring looks so pretty, i may need to buy more rings to go with my outfits so i may check out new look. I hope you've had a lovely weekend at birmingham :) I love shopping there hehe~ My favourite cocktail would be cosmopolitan, typical girly drink :) but don't feel like drinking cocktails in this weather unfortunately! Thanks for sharing~ xxx

    1. Birmingham was so relaxing, it's much more chilled out than London, although I would have liked to spend more time shopping. Lets hope the weather improves soon x

  3. Your life looks so exciting! Very jealous!


    1. Haha thanks, the photos were taken over a month, so it probably looks more exciting than it really is! x


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