Guest post: Cracked turquoise nail art

Today's guest post comes from Cherry Sue, a talented beauty blogger who's put together a simple but visually stunning nail art tutorial for you all:

I absolutely love turquoise jewellery, I have several pieces that never fail to get compliments and questions when worn so I thought it'd be the perfect look to replicate on nails.

I've put together a simple How To so that you can try the design with minimal effort should you be a turquoise fan too.

1. Gather your tools first. I used Bourjois 23 (Brown), Bourjois Bleu Model (Turquoise), Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure, Hole Reinforcers & a fine tipped brush (I picked this one up in an Art store for €2.29/£2)
2. After one coat of Gilty Pleasure, place the hole reinforcers on the top of the nail bed.
3. Paint two coats of your turquoise colour onto the nail, be sure to start your strokes on the sticker to make the lines cleaner.
4. While the polish is still tacky, carefully remove each sticker by gripping tightly, move your nail as you peel.
5. & 6. Using your brown polish & a fine tipped brush draw the cracks onto your turquoise polish. This really doesn't have to be too precise as the cracks appear in turquoise so there really is no 'right' or 'wrong'.
6.5 - Be sure to use a clear top coat to smooth out the half moon at the top of the nail and set the colours together.

The final result looks pretty close to the jewellery, don't you think? Judging by the compliments I had while rocking this manicure I'd have to say it was a winner.

What do we think? Will it be a look you'll try?
LinkThanks so much Sue for sharing your nail art tutorial with us. Be sure to check out her blog for lots more beauty and nail art posts.


  1. Oh wow, this is SO gorgeous! xo

  2. This looks soo pretty & creative! X

  3. This is adorable! <3 Love it :) Oh and by the way, please check out my online store-just launched. :) Thanks! ;)

  4. Fab tutorial - thanks!


  5. this looks so pretty and effective ! nice post :)

    Beautiful Dreams


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