Illamasqua Paranormal collection

As a make up addict, I love seeing what Illamasqua have come up with, and season after season, they've continued to surprise and shock with their innovative new collections. For summer 2013, they've once again bucked the trend and gone for a surprisingly spooky Paranormal collection:

Illamasqua UV glow nail varnish, Illamasqua paranormal, Illamasqua geist nail varnish

Starting with my favourite products from the new collection. In the bottle, they look like any other brand of nail varnish (albeit very pretty ones), but shine a UV light on them, and they suddenly transform into super bright florescent neons. There's also a 'clear' topcoat, which when in the presence of UV light, allows you to experiment and create a whole host of nail patterns. 

Illamasqua hydra veil, Illamasqua paranormal

This definitely gets the prize for most innovative new product. It's a hybrid skincare-make up primer, which when applied, lightly hydrates the skin and smoothes over any pores, giving you a flawless base. The coolest thing though is that it self smoothes, and at the event I had no end of fun stirring it up, then watching as it seemingly magically restored itself to perfection.

Illamasqua paranormal palette

It wouldn't be an Illamasqua collection without a palette or two, and for summer 2013, they've gone for a really interesting texture. Described as a cross between a cream and a powder, the product feels almost moussy to the touch, blended really easily, and once dried, was nice and long lasting on the skin.

Illamasqua gleam supernatural, Illamasqua paranormal

Illamasqua paranormal, Illamasqua posture lipstick, Illamasqua esp lipstick,

Finally, to complete the collection, there's a golden shimmered cream highlighter, a precision gel eyeliner, as well as 2 eyecatching lipsticks. And if (like myself), purple lipstick's not for you, then check out Jayne's blog post on how it can be used as the perfect mixing medium for other lipsticks.

Illamasqua paranormal, available now instores and online at

What do you think about the new Paranormal collection? Will you be treating yourself to any of the products?

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  1. The Hydra Veil looks soooo cool! I might have to order that. Illamasqua really is one of my favourite brands, especially their blushers, which are my absolute favourite, even better than MAC. You're lucky you got that amazing collection - I'm jealous! ^^ x


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