The Body Shop Christmas 2013

Over the years, I've come to rely on The Body Shop for their body butters and hemp hand cream, but come Chistmas it's all about their cute little gift sets. In their own words, The Body Shop have always been about 'beauty with heart' and this year they've got some lovely gift sets, all of which will help to benefit local communities from around the world:

The Body Shop joyful gingerbread house

Starting with this Joyful gingerbread house, which has to be one of the cutest gift sets I've seen this year. Not going to lie the festive packaging was my reason for including this, but inside you'll find a cranbury shower gel and body butter, gingerbread shower gel and body butter, and a mini shower puff, all for the barginous price of just £17. There's a lovely message with this too. This year with the profit from their Christmas sales, The Body Shop are going to donate £200,000 to build 5 new schools. A really nice gesture and for me an extra incentive to do my Christmas shopping at The Body Shop.

The Body Shop 4 colour eye palette

Back in 2011 I blogged about The Body Shop eyeshadow palette and this year they've brought out something very similar. There are a choice of 2 colours, but naturally I went for the more neutral toned Smokey brown palette. Once again there are 4 cream/brown eyeshadows inside, the only difference being that there are now 2 make up brushes instead of a brush and eyeliner duo.

The Body Shop expert brush collection

Finally for someone who's just getting into make up this Expert brush collection would be perfect as a little starter kit. Inside you'll find 5 synthetic brushes, all of which are super soft and durable. The face and body brush is a particular favourite of mine and perfect for applying a light dusting of powder to set any foundation/BB cream. At £45 it's one of their more expensive Christmas gift sets, but in my opinion well worth the investment, especially when you consider that the brushes would retail for £85 if sold individually.

Keep an eye out for any festive codes too, as The Body Shop regulary do 50% off sales or gift with purchases this time of year.

Will you be buying any of these gift sets? What's your favourite Body Shop product?


  1. The brush set looks amazing. I have a few brushes from The Body Shop and love them. They're great quality

    1. Glad you like the brushes too. They definitely deserve more credit than they get x


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