Braun silk-epil 7 skin spa epilator review

It's that time of year again when the sun starts shining, temperatures begin to warm up and everyone starts to shed those heavy winter layers. Now whilst I love the first few days of spring - so much hope and happiness for the summer months ahead, one thing I don't enjoy is hair removal and fake tanning after months of hiding under dark jeans and thick tights. Usually I'm a shave and go kinda girl, but this year in search of a longer lasting solution I've been trying out the new Braun silk-epil 7 skin spa epilator:

 Braun epil-silk 7 skin spa epilation and sonic exfoliation system

Braun epil-silk 7 skin spa epilation and sonic exfoliation system

Having used an epilator before I knew what to expect, and although uncomfortable at times it certainly wasn't painful or unbearable (if you've never tried it before it's similar to having an elastic band flicked across the skin). Compared to shaving it takes a few minutes longer, but the little guide light ensures that no hairs are missed and the longer hair free period means the results are worth it for me.

Being a fake tanner, I found the exfoliating brush head particularly useful, both pre treatment to smooth out the skin and to prevent any ingrowing hairs from forming. Despite having more than 10,000 bristles and 3,000 vibrations a minute it felt surprisingly gentle on the skin and was almost like a clarisonic for the legs. Other features include the fact that it can be used both wet and dry and comes with a shaver attachment for more delicate areas.

As with most electrical tools it's an investment purchase at £169.99 (currently on offer with 1/3 off at Boots). However if you are thinking of investing then long term it works out far cheaper than waxing and in the short term it'll mean longer hair free periods, especially when compared to shaving.

Have you tried Braun epilators before? What's your preferred method of hair removal?


  1. i use a braun epilator myself.. its an older version which comes with a massaging head and a light.
    This one looks really nice :)

  2. I have a Braun one from last year. It is a great choice! xoxo Tammy

  3. An epilator for ladies for facial hair end could well be 1 that can embrace the shapes of the experience.Does epilator work


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