The Spring edit - haircare, bath and body

With the sun starting to shine through and temperatures hitting the high teens I thought now would be a good time for part two of my Spring edit, this time focusing on haircare, bath and body:

L'oreal fibrology, Philip Kingsley one more day dry shampoo
 The spring edit - haircare

YesTo, Yardley Jade, Escada taj sunset
The spring edit - bath and body

As you know I like to switch up my shampoo and conditioner and this month it's all about the new L'oreal fibrology range (here). With long fine hair it's always been a struggle to achieve extra volume with just shampoo and conditioner alone but after a few uses the new fibrology range has done just that. The key ingredient is Filloxane, which basically penetrates into the hair fibre and expands it, giving you thicker more voluminous hair. It's a cumulative effect so the results won't be immediately obvious but over time it definitely builds up and the good news is the extra thickness lasts even of you don't use the products for a wash or two. 

In between washes I like to use a dry shampoo and at the moment I'm really liking Philip Kingsley one more day (here). Compared to the likes of Batiste and Tresemme it disperses a finer mist, goes on more transparent and doesn't leave behind that horrible chalky feeling. A must have if you have combination hair like myself. 

Moving onto bodycare - I was recently introduced to the YesTo range (here) and since then 2 of their products have made it into my everyday routine. The grapefruit rejuvenating body wash smells so fresh and citrussy that it's now my go to product in the morning. With such fruity notes you can't help but feel more refreshed and happier after using it. The carrot body butter on the other hand is packed with moisturising ingredients but is still light and quick absorbing on the skin, perfect for warmer days when you want something hydrating but without the stickiness.

Finally a new perfume and an old favourite to alternate between. With notes of peach, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang Yardley Jade (here) is fresh, clean and unobtrusive, perfect for the office or more formal occasions. Escada Taj sunset (here) on the other hand is fun, flirty and packed full of tropical fruits (mango, nectarine, orange and coconut). My go to choice for parties and days out with friends. 
Have you tried any of the products above? What are your spring essentials?


  1. I haven't tried any of these products, so thanks for the recommendations! The Yardley Jane sounds amazing. Will definitely give that a sniff if I can!

    1. You're welcome Hester, hope you'll like the perfume x

  2. I've been waiting for a review of the shampoo and conditioner so really pleased to hear it works!

    Jazzie x

    1. It's definitely one of my favourite haircare launches this year, hope you'll like it too x


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