Hot stone massage at Blue Harbour health club and spa

As much as I like pamper myself at home sometimes there's just no substitute for a professional treatment. Recently I've been feeling particularly stressed with work and commuting so when Wahanda got in touch and asked if I'd like to review one of their treatments I knew straight away that I wanted to go for a massage:

Browsing the Wahanda website I was spoilt for choice with locations and treatments all around London - in fact it took a good day or so for me to eventually decide. Normally I'd go for a simple back, neck and shoulder massage but in the spirit of trying something new, I thought I'd give the hot stone massage at Blue Harbour health club and spa a try. It also helped that the spa was conveniently located in Chelsea right next to where I was meeting a friend that day!

On arrival I was greeted by the friendly reception staff, given a quick questionnaire before being taken on a tour and shown to the changing rooms. It turns out the pool and sauna are open to all guests and bath robes, slippers and towels are provided for everyone, although I was disappointed to find my robe had the tie missing. 

Upstairs there's a lounge area with drinks and magazines provided where you can relax before and after your treatment. It's also where all guests are greeted by their therapist. Like all good treatments, mine started with a quick chat about what it would involve and an assessment by the therapist to see which areas needed the most work. Turns out I naturally position one shoulder higher than other and one foot out in front - a sign perhaps of the stress I've recently been under.

For the treatment you are given some hot stones to lie on which I thought was a great way to start and I loved the warming sensation as the therapist used more hot stones to massage in the body oil. Compared to a traditional massage it doesn't relieve as much tension but if you just want something relaxing then this would be a good choice. Towards the end there's the option of using cold stones to invigorate and boost circulation. I'm glad I gave it a go but safe to say I'll be sticking to just the hot stones in the future!

Afterwards there's no rush to leave and I took full advantage of the lounge area, sipping on tea and reading magazines (plus occasionally sneaking a look on my phone). Having been to some amazing places over the years Blue Harbour feels more like a health club than luxury spa, however that's reflected in their price and I couldn't fault my treatment or the friendliness of it's staff. If you're after the full spa experience I'd recommend Lifehouse or Baglioni spa but if you're after a no frills treatment in a convenient location then I'd recommend giving Blue Harbour a try.

Have you tried a hot stone massage before? What are your favourite London spas?

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  1. I have tried a hot stone massage before, and it was so good. I was a bit scared at first (i got it in to my head that the stones would burn me!!!) but it was the most relaxing thing I have ever done! x


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