The £9 Chloe Drew dupe

There's no denying that Chloe Drew is THE handbag of the season and with it's tan leather and gold hardwear it's not hard to see why. Recently I've been wanting to downsize my handbag and after missing out on the Forever 21 dupe I was really pleased to find another lookalike whilst out shopping at the weekend:

Primark, Handbag, Chloe drew, Dupe

This little beauty comes from Primark and retails for just £9! It's one of those designs that just seems to go with everything and I love that it's spacious enough for all my daily essentials yet small enough to stop me from overloading my poor shoulders. At a glace it really is very similar to the Chloe Drew and also comes in black although I think the combination of gold and tan will be perfect for Autumn. Unfortunately you can't buy Primark online but they had plenty of handbags instore and I would definitely recommend taking a look if you're also a fan of the Chloe Drew. 

Are you a fan of designer handbags? What do you think of this design?


  1. Ah, good ol' Primark eh! This is really nice, might well pick one of these up soon :)

    Misia xx |

    1. Haha indeed, you can always rely on them for cheap accessories and homeware. Hope you'll like the bag too x

  2. Think I will pick one up its gorgeous, I bought two from my local Tesco recently :)

    1. Ah cool, loving that there are so many Chloe dupes on the high street right now! x


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