Four new sunscreens to try this summer

Sunscreens are the one product that I make sure to buy every summer. Not only because they expire, but also because skincare brands are always updating their formulas and bringing out a new better version each year. So today I thought I'd round up four of my favourites for 2016:

Four new sunscreens for 2016, Piz Buin, Soltan, Bioderma, Boots No 7
Summer sunscreens - Piz Buin, Soltan, Bioderma and No 7

Piz Buin has been my go to brand for the last few years. The In sun ultra light sun spray has seen me through many a holiday but this year it's all about the new Piz Buin protect & cool refreshing sun mousse. The air whipped formula is even lighter than before and it feels instantly cooling on the skin. Great for the beach or for hot sunny city breaks and it also comes in SPF30 for higher protection.

Sunscreen and deet spray often go hand in hand which is why I think Boots soltan protect and repel spray is such a good idea. Combining broad spectrum SPF 30 protection and insect repellent it saves the need to carry 2 separate products plus it smells a lot nicer than the traditional insect spray. It's light and non greasy and also contains anti-oxidants to help protect against long term damage.

Bioderma hydrobio eau de soin is probably the most innovative product I've seen all year. An ultra fine facial mist which can be applied over make up to hydrate and protect against the sun. It's completely invisible on the skin, sets any pigment and also contains vitamin E to help protect from oxidative stress. I would still use a traditional sunscreen underneath on holiday but this would be great for topping up during the day or for an impromptu lunchtime picnic. 

OK so technically not a new launch for 2016, but a new discovery for me and I've been loving the No 7 protect and perfect intense day hand cream. Aside from the face, your hands are the first to show signs of ageing so I've been keeping this on my desk and making sure to apply regularly throughout the day. It's rich and nourishing, and contains both UVA and UVB protection plus the famous protect and perfect formula so acts a triple threat against ageing.
Have you tried any of these sunscreens? What are your favourite products to help protect against the sun?


  1. The Bioderma sunscreen sounds amazing - definitely good for top-ups as I hate getting sticky hands from re-applying traditional suncreams or having to lug them around with me! x

    1. It's such a gamechanger, I had it with me in Berlin recently and it made reapplying SPF so much easier x


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