Current skincare regime

I'm obsessed with skincare and always cleanse and moisturise everyday, I just hate going to bed without cleaning my skin and that dirty feeling you get the next day when you wake up in the morning.

Make up removal and cleansingI start by removing mascara and undereye concealer using No 7 cleanse and care EMU. This does a great job of removing makeup without any rubbing needed. Then I remove the rest of my make up using Garnier clean and fresh cleansing milk. Finally I use Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash to remove any remaining traces of makeup and dirt and to keep spots at bay. I don't use toner as I find that splashing with lots of cold water is enough.

Morning- I start by massageing in Simple hydrating light moisturiser all over. Then I apply Nivea anti-dark circle eye cream followed by bio-oil to any dry patches. Finally I apply Chanel UV essentiel all over to protect my skin from the sun and vaseline to moisturise my lips.

Evening- I start by massageing Superdrug vitamin E night cream all over. Then I apply Elemis absolute eye serum followed by the Nivea eye cream. I apply bio oil to any dry areas and finish by applying vaseline to my lips.

If you have any scars then I'd definitely recommend giving bio-oil a go. Last year I cut my hand getting my phone which had fallen down the back of the sofa and was left with a small scar. I thought I might as well give bio-oil a go and started massageing it in several times a day. After a month it was barely visible and now I can't see it at all, even if I look closely.


I exfoliate using this B natural scrub from Tesco. It's quite a harsh scrub so I only use it once a week. I also use Clinique clarifying lotion a few times a week. I used to use this stuff everyday but after reading about how drying it was and the high alcohol content I decided to cut down and to be honest my skin is probably in a better condition because of it.

When I have the time I also like to pamper my skin using masks.


  1. I am SO bad about removing my makeup. I just do it when I wash my face, which I know is not the best way, yet I still do it. I need a more grown up routine for sure!

  2. Great regime! I have so many skin care products, I should really just pick a few and stick with them! What do you think of the Nivea Dark circle cream? do you think it works?


  3. Nikki- I think its a good basic eye cream but it didn't do anything for my dark circles. Having said that I have really bad dark circles and nothing has helped apart from concealer. The eye cream itself does do a good job of moisturising the skin though x


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