Using everything up-August

Over the last few years I've build up an impressive collection of samples, half used and full bottles of toiletries, so at the start of the year, one of my resolutions was that I would not buy a new product (eg.shampoo) unless I've used up all the ones I have.

It's been surprisingly easy to stick to as it's very satisfying seeing my collection get smaller and I'm always finishing something and using another product so it doesn't get boring

This month I've finished:
Origin face wash
Trevor sorbie shampoo
2x Original source shower gel
Cacharel amor amor perfume sample
Soap and glory hair supply

It's taking longer to finish products now as it's mostly full bottles of stuff left :(

I can't wait to finish more of my shash and hit Boots for new products!


  1. I've just finished 2 mascaras and an eyebrow pencil - it's such a good feeling to throw them out!

  2. I love the no7 bursh (you asked about it on my blog) It's good for just smoking out the corners of your eyes, that's what i use it for anyway. It picks up just enough product and doesn't splash it everywhere!
    Well worth a purchase.


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