Dry lips

I always thought I did a good job of moisturising my lips but I went lipstick shopping today and every single one I tried on made my lips look dry and chapped. It made me realise I've been slacking with applying lipbalm recently and my lips could do with some serious moisturising.

So here's the plan:
1. Drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated
2. Apply vaseline/carmex regularly throughout the day, not just when I go out.
3. Apply vaseline before I go to bed
4. Regularly exfoliate using a muslin cloth when I wash my face.

Also what nude lipsticks would you recommend? I have NC25 skin for reference, thanks in advance x


  1. I am addicted to my chapstick, so luckily for me my lips are never dry... Although, I also cling to my chapstick so much so that I rarely wear anything BUT chapstick or lip gloss!!

  2. hmm...i wonder if i have dry lips. let me go grab my lipstick...

  3. I'm the same, always wearing lipbalm or lipgloss but seeing so many nice lipsticks on other people's blogs has really made me want some. Hopefully I'll find a creamy one that isn't too drying.


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