Lush Freshers pack

At the weekend I went to Westfield for some retail therapy and whilst I was there I picked up a freshers pack from Lush.

I've never brought anything from Lush before so thought it would be perfect for me to get some products to try. I decided to choose my own products (with a lot of help from the SA) rather than go for one of the other 3. Here's what I got in my pack:

I'll start with the sugar scrub as that is the same in every pack. According to the website it contains fennel and ginger to tackle cellulite and skin lavender for a balancing effect. I think I'll put it into an empty pot before using it in the shower as it looks very fragile and I'd hate for it to break and get washed away before I get a chance to use it.

I was recommended the love lettuce face mask for my combination skin, which is described as 'an effective, exfoliating face mask which gives normal to oily skin a softened, smooth and radiant glow'. This is the only product that I've tried so far out of the entire pack and I have to say I love it. Its got a gorgeous herbal smell and really feels like its working when I apply it to my skin.

Next was the toner tabs which you drop into a bowl of water for a streaming treatment for your face. You can also dissolve it in water and use it like a traditional toner. I choose the T one for when I wanted to deep cleanse and the E one as a treat for my skin.

You also get to choose a moisturizer sample, and I asked for the most moisturizing one to use as a hand cream as I didn't want to risk my skin reacting to a new moisturizer. I was given celestial, which I didn't actually realize is for sensitive skin until I got home, so I'm guessing they ran out of skin drink.

Also included in the pack was a solid shampoo and as I have normal but fine hair the SA recommended seanik, which contains seaweed and sea salt to help volumise the hair.

Finally you can choose two 50 gram soaps and after ages smelling all the different ones and trying to decide between sexy peel and bohemian I went for sea vegetable and sexy peel (sexy peel won because of its stronger scent and the fact that it is slightly more moisturizing).

Will do some reviews once I've tried out the products.

Did anyone else get a freshers pack? What did you get in yours?


  1. oo you got one too I love Lush :)

  2. the freshers packs are awesome. I have pics of my choices on my blog a few posts back. Hope you enjoy the products, you picked good products :D x x

  3. Louise- It was just too good an offer to resist, I'm definitely an fan of lush products now x

  4. MissAshley_Beauty - I remember reading your post when I was thinking about buying it. How are you getting on with your products? x

  5. Fab picks! How much did the fresher's pack cost?

  6. Princess Livia-The freshers pack was £10 but I'm not sure if they are still doing the promotion x


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