Ins and outs

I've not done one of these for a while, so thought I'd do one for this week.


Boat party: It was a friends bday on Sunday but he was organizing a boat party on Saturday for a uni society so he decided to have the party on the boat. It was amazing, we were on the Dixie Queen boat for 4 hours whilst it cruised on the Thames from Tower Hill to O2 arean and back. Everyone dressed up and it was so glamourous, plus there was a chocolate fountain, what more could you want?

Seeing friends: 2 of my old housemates had a houseparty this Friday and another one came over today to catch up. I've not seen them for a while so it was lovely to just chill out and catch up on everything.

Westfield: Me and my boyfriend spent Sun afternoon shopping, I brought quite a lot of things so expect a shopping post soon.

Cupcakes and Sunday roast: My lovely flatmate kindly baked some delicious cupcakes for everyone and also we got together and cooked a proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings for dinner today :)

Bad internet connection: For some reason my computer keeps connecting and disconnecting from the internet, making it impossible to do anything online.

Uni work: I had my deadline for a 2000 word essay plus an abstract writing exam this week, not fun!

Bad skin: Uni stress and lack of time for exercise and healthy cooking has resulted in several spots.

Whats been the highlights and lowlights of your week?

Hope everyone had a good weekend! x


  1. Cupcakes look great. And a chocolate fountain. yum yum :D :) Emma

  2. Computergirl: I'm very lucky that my housemates like to bake, they were so yummy x

  3. Lu: It was such a great night, boat parties are the best x


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