New obsession- Scented candles

How have I not used them before now?

I was given this candle as a present by my bf a while ago but I put it away in a cupboard and completely forgot about until the other day when my flatmate was burning one in her room.

I've lit it for a couple of hours today and its given my room such a lovely gorgeous warm fragrance of rose and ylang yland and theres just something about candles that makes them very relaxing.

I'm definitely going to buy more once I've finished burning this one so please let me know if you have any recommendations.


  1. I buy loads of Yankee candles they easily the best for gorgeous scents

  2. Candles by Victoria in the US are great - she makes all the lush soap scents! You'd have to pay shipping though, not sure how much it wold be :/

  3. You can pick some gorgeous ones in TK Max they stock quite a few from the States which I think are sooo much nicer than any others :) Yankee ones are really good too :)

  4. I love scented candles, I've had some really nice ones from m and s and even primark!xxx

  5. I love scented candles they make my room smell so nice & remind me of lush!
    I gave you an award on my blog :)

  6. Louise- Just checked out their website, looks really good, thanks for the recommendation x

  7. Phoebe- Thanks, will check out the shipping prices x

  8. Juicygirl- Thanks for the recommendation, for some reason I never think of TKMax even though I know they have a mini makeup and toiletries section, will definitely have a look next time I go shopping x

  9. DaisyBee- Thanks for the recommendation, I remember seeing some in Primark last year but did question how good they would be as they were so cheap. Will definitely take another look next time I go shopping x


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