MAC makeover FOTD

How is everyone? I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I was given a MAC gift voucher for my birthday in August and yesterday I finally got round to getting my make over.

When I got there the make up artist told me to take a seat as she had a few people to serve. When she finished she came over and we discussed what sort of look I wanted to go for. I've always loved the smoky eye look so we decided to do that using a combination of greys and blacks. She created the look quickly on paper just so we could get an idea of what it would look like. After applying the eye make up she then make up the rest of my face.

Here's the look she created:

(the eyeshadow is much darker in real life but I
couldn't pick up the colour that well on my camera phone)


Select cover up concealer
Face and body foundation
Prism blush (contour)
Dame blush
Honour blush (highlight)

Painterly paint pot (base)
Scene eyeshadow (over entire lid)
Silver ring eyeshadow (outer half of lid)
Knight devine eyeshadow (socket and corner)
Smolder eye kohl (waterline)
Bitz & glitz fluidline (top liner)
Zoom lash mascara

Subculture lip pencil
Plink lipstick


  1. Gorgeous hun, i hope you had a really good day! Did you buy any of the products?
    I was thinking of getting a MAC make over at some point, would you recommend it?

  2. Beautiful! I really love the entire look. In fact, I just got Knight Divine for Christmas. I think I might do a look like this for New years eve ;)Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. you look very lovely! this would be great for new years eve!!

  4. Lovely, great that you had a good experience with Mac. :) Emma x

  5. Looks lovely, i've always been abit iffy with having make overs in shops.. had some bad experiences :/

    Do you recomend it at MAC?


  6. Dainty dollymix-I brought the dame blusher and plink lipstick, feel quite guilty as I really don't need any more make up. My make up artist was lovely and really involved me in deciding what products to use. I think the more involved you are the happier you'll be with the final look. Would definitely recommend especially if you're planning on buying a few things anyway x

  7. Beautygirl24- Thanks lovely, knight devine is such a gorgeous colour, glad the post was helpful x

  8. Becky- Definitely, would look great for NYE x

  9. Abbie- Would definitely recommed MAC, but I'd say go to one of their stores rather than a department counter as they staff are generally nicer and also less busy. Mine was so nice, at the start she told me that if I wasn't happy with anything let her know and she was lovely about trying on a diff blusher and lipstick on me. Definitely say if you don't like something otherwise you'll end up leaving disappointed. HTH x

  10. The artist did a great job! Your eyes look awesome!



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