Tiffany & Co advert

I was flicking through a magazine yesterday on the tube when I came across this Tiffany & Co advert which I thought was so beautiful and powerful.

Sorry about the quality, I had to take a photo with my phone as I couldn't find the advert online. It shows a couple in the snow outside a Tiffany store. The couple are hugging and the woman is holding the iconic Tiffany box in her hand and the advert simply says 'Give voice to your heart'.

As I sat on the tube I tried to work out why I liked the advert so much (besides it being Tiffany) and I realised that its the only advert I've seen where they don't actually show the item being advertised.

I love that it shows a scene that is simple, beautiful and romantic, which for me sums up what I love about the brand.

Have you seen any adverts that have stood out recently?


  1. That pic is so romantic ~ I haven't seen any ads that stood out to me lately, but that one you found is so pretty xx

  2. I adore all the tiffany adverts, none of them actually show any of the jewerly, they only ever show the tiffany box ... they've got a tiffany counter in my local selfridges (manchester one) and ive asked for Tiffany for christmas ... <3

  3. That's so nice :) I really like the recent Longchamp advert, it's stunning! Pixiwoo did a tutorial on the look and it's my favourite at the moment :) Thank you for following me by the way, you've got a new loyal follower too, love your blog :)

  4. Princesa Livia- thanks for commenting x

  5. Sugar&Spice- Since posting this I've seen another one where a guy is knocking on a door, such a romantic scene. Enjoy your Tiffany's Xmas present x

  6. Meg- What's the Longchamp advert like? Don't think I've come across it. Thanks for following x

  7. I totally agree with you, it's such a simple beautiful advert.It's also spoken about in this blog;

    You might also like the Highland Spring Adverts that ran with the line "Now,that's true love".I had the one with Charlie Chaplin as my laptop wallpaper,I got totally laughed at in uni but I didn't care :-) xx


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