Five good things

I've been feeling quite stressed out with work and negative recently so thought I'd make a list of 5 things that are good or that I'm looking forward to in my life to make me feel better and be more positive.

1. Lots of new clothes and make up to play with. I've been visiting Wesfield far too much recently but as a result I've got loads of gorgeous new clothes to wear and a few new bits of make up to play with. Also Superdrug have kindly sent me a few items of make up which I will be using and reviewing soon.

2. Xmas holidays. I only have one more week of uni left before we break up for the Xmas hols and on that last week I get quite a few days off so lots of time to go shopping for Xmas presents, hang out with friends and to do Christmassy things like cooking roasts :)

3. Am going for Dim sum later on in the week with my boyfriend, which I'm really looking forward to. I love Dim sum, lots of delicious dumplings, buns and fried goodies to share with plenty of chilli sauce, yummy!

4. Finding out yesterday that I got a 2.1 for both pieces of in-course assessment from the last module.

5. Novels, as you know I love reading and I've got a few new books and some spare time this week so will definitely be snuggling up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a girly novel.

Doing this list has definitely made me feel happier and more positive. Would love to know what your five good things are so link me to your post or leave me a comment below x


  1. Well done on your assessment!! XO

  2. I know what you mean about snuggling up with a girly book and hot choc! I love it :D

    Congratulations on your assessment! xoxo

  3. Peachykeen- Thanks lovely. Have you tried Mint hot choc? It might even be better than normal hot choc x


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