New favourites

Some new products that I've tried and loved recently:

Palmolive milk and honey liquid handwash
I love the sweet scent of this handwash, which lingers for a while on my hands and as its a moisturizing formula it doesn't dry my hands out despite me constantly washing them. If you know of any other honey and milk scented products please let me know by leaving me a comment :)

Lush Happy Hippy shower gel
A really summery zesty grapefruit scented shower gel that lathers up nicely and isn't too drying on my skin. You only need a little bit each time and this small bottle lasts for several weeks.

Sleek Makeup face contour kit

Both the bronzer and the highlighter are nicely pigmented yet not too obvious when applied. It comes in a sturdy black compact with a mirror, which is perfect for carrying around. I'm still getting to grips with contouring, but the highlighter gives a gorgeous sheen and makes my skin look so naturally radiant.

Andrew Collinge moisturise and protect shampoo
The ainseedy scented shampoo comes in a huge 500ml bottle and lathers up really well. Despite being designed for dry hair it doesn't make my normal hair any greasier than normal and it leaves my hair nice and clean without irritating my scalp and making it flake.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your recent favourites?


  1. I love my Sleek contour kit too!! xx

  2. Wow. I like your recommendations, I know asda do a milk and honey showergel and it smells great (I sneak smell my housemates shower products) LOL

  3. Yin- Ooh thank you, I'll definitely have to have a look next time I'm near an Asda, being Asda its bound to be cheap as well :)

  4. I've been using that handwash for the past few years - it smells so amazing! Palmolive have a milk and honey shower gel which smells nice and is really cheap. The Sleek Contour Kit is fab - I'm so happy to have finally found a matte bronzer for an affordable price, most drugstore bronzers are so shimmery! x

  5. LilyLipsticks- Thanks so much, will keep my eye out for the Palmolive shower gel x

  6. Hey doll! OooOOo Sleek contouring duo looks promising! What is wrong with the contouring side may I ask? It looks pretty on your skin anyways! I'm obsessed with highlighting! May have to try to swap for this duo someday ;) If you know of any good UK products- Please let me know! I just did a post asking readers for good recommendations :] ♥ best wishes!*

  7. I love that handwash too :)

    The contour palette sounds fab, I keep meaning to check it out!

  8. Sara- Nothing's wrong with it, I just haven't noticed much of an effect from contouring. Sleek eyeshadow palettes, Gosh eyeliners and Barry M nail varnishes are all worth checking out. Also superdrug has some great own brand products x

    elephantJuice- Its such a nice handwash :) Definitely get the contour kit, I love it x

  9. I have the Sleek contouring kit too, and it's pretty great. I'm far too lazy to be contouring on a regular basis, but it is still a handy little kit to own.

  10. Cecilia x B.O.B - Totally agree, its a great staple for any make up collection x


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