NOTD- Eyeko and Viva la nails

I'm loving lavender nails atm but as I've been wearing Eyeko lilac polish a lot recently I decided to jazz it up slightly with some stars which I was recently sent from Viva la nails.

I've never done any nail designs before but it was surprisingly easy to do. I simply used tweezers to apply them to my wet nails, waited for it to dry then painted over it with a top coat to keep the stars in place. I was in a rush so only did the one nail.

So far I'm pretty impressed- its been 2 days and there's been no nail varnish chipping and all the stars are still firmly in place. I'll definitely be attempting more designs in the future!

What do you think? Have you done much nail art?


  1. This is super pretty! xxx

  2. Very pretty. Is this a similar colour to Barry m pale purple? I have recently got in to decorating nails =) x

  3. Pyxiee- I'm afraid I don't own the Barry M one so I don't know sorry :( Will you be blogging about your designs? Would love to see what you've come up with x

  4. Ooh super pretty look gorgeous! I love the colour and the little detailing super cute :)


  5. Such a cute colour! I love the little stars too xx

  6. That's so pretty - I actually love 1-nail nail art, it's sweet and not as in your face. Love the colour too! x

  7. These are so pretty! You should def do more

    Lisa xx

  8. Its amazing how only a couple of stars can jazz up a nail look :D I love getting the stickers as they stay on a bit longer!

  9. Nicola-x- Thanks lovely x

    tor- Thank lovely x

    The Postcolonial Rabbit- Me too, its a lot easier to do as well lol x

    Mybutterfly63- Thanks lovely, I've got lots of different bits so will definitely be trying out some new designs x

    Goldenwolf- Its such an easy way to transform a nail varnish, I love it x


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