Escada taj sunset perfume

Escada are well known for their summer scents, and with the sun finally making an appearance, I thought it would be a good time to try out this year's Taj Sunset fragrance:

As expected, it is gorgeously girly, with plenty of sweet fruity notes to bring out that holiday feeling.

On me, it opens with a burst of zesty orange and tropical mango, then blends with the juicy berries and coconut to give a really exotic fruity fragrance that reminds me of sitting on a beach sipping cocktails!

For an EDT it actually lasted pretty well. I can still smell it on my wrists towards the end of the day, but if I was going out, then I would reapply for a stronger scent.

Because it's so fruity and sweet, it's not necessarily a fragrance that I would use everyday but I can see myself reaching for this a lot over the next few months, and it'll be my perfume of choice if I go somewhere hot this summer!

Have you tried any Escada perfumes? Which perfume will you be wearing this Spring/Summer?

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  1. I love the Escada perfumes :) always remind me of holiday!xo

  2. beckiangel44 - Glad you like their perfumes. It's amazing how they make every single fragrance smell so summery! x

  3. I adore escada perfumes, this one reminds me of sunset heat which was one of my faves!x

  4. I have this little set of mini Escada perfumes that I bought from the airport years ago - more like 6 years ago... Dunno why I haven't chucked it. Lol. I liked Escada more when I was younger. Haven't looked at them in a while. I think I've moved away from sweet scents. I really want to buy a new perfume but don't know which, I'm super picky. I'd been lemming after DKNY Pure for ages, received it for my birthday and have barely worn it. Still smells lovely but I think I just forget to spray!

  5. DaisyBee - Glad you like their perfumes :) The yellow and orange colours definitely give the fragrance a sunset feel! x

    Bee - Fair enough, it's definitely a sweet girly scent. Why not try out some perfumes next time you go shopping or ask for some samples? I used to be really picky as well, then realised I liked too many perfumes to choose one and am slowly building up a collection, so I'm always have a selection to choose from depending on my mood x

  6. I have Pacific Paradise and Ocean Lounge. I like their summer fragrances but some of them are too sweet for my liking.

  7. MissA* - I know what you mean, some of them are very sweet, I guess it depends on your mood and what season it is x

  8. Sounds lovely :). I've never tried Escada perfumes.

    Sadie x

  9. ♥ Sadie ♥- Give it a try next time you go shopping, they're perfect for summer x


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