Elemis freshskin peachy perfect gentle face wash

In the mornings, I like to use a face wash to gently clean and refresh my skin and my current cleaner of choice is the new Freshskin one from Elemis, which is specially designed for twenty-something year olds like myself:

I'd describe it as a gel texture, which foams up really well on contact with water, so you only need a tiny bit each time. The face wash has a subtle leafy scent, and it rinses away easily water to leave my skin feeling cleansed yet hydrated.

Like the Neutrogena, it comes with a pump for ease of use, but with the addition of a lid, which makes it more travel friendly.

At £12, it is more expensive than an high street face wash, but its SLS and paraben free, plus you only need a tiny bit each time, so I would happily recommend, especially if you have normal to combination skin.

Have you tried any of the skincare products from Elemis? What's your favourite facewash?


  1. I've never used any Elemis products before but this sounds nice. Do you use a different face wash in the morning and night? What is your skincare routine? I love posts like that because they're super informative and your skin is lovely!

  2. This product looks really nice, I've been looking for a facewash for a while now but my skin dries out easily so I have to be careful.
    I've been using S&G's Scrub Your Nose In It a couple of times a week as my facial scrub and I'm loving it so I'd say that's a fave of mine :)

    Fiona x

  3. I also wanted to ask about your Filofax: which one do you have? Is it good? Do you use it often? I'm considering buying one...

  4. Bee - Aww thank you, I always use a cream cleanser at night to remove my make up. I've done 2 skincare routine posts in the past. They are a little out of date, but it should give you a general idea of what products I use. will try and do an updated one soon x



    Fiona - It's one of the most moisturising face washes I've used. Soap and glory do so many nice products, I've yet to try 'scrub your nose in it', but I love their 'greatest scrub of all' x

  5. Bee - I have the pocket breast cancer pink one. There should be some photos on my blog if you do a search. I absoutely love it, and use it on a near daily basis. Would definitely recommend buying one x

  6. Oh that "peachy perfect" tag really intrigues me, too bad we don't have Elemis in my country :(

  7. cbsg5861 - It's certainly an eye catching name, shame you don't have it in your country x

    kirstyb - Hope you like it x

  8. Thanks for putting this up Fei. I am really intrigued to give this ago and am so impressed that it doesn't have any nasty ingredients. Have you tried any of the other stuff from the range? I am quite keen to get my hand on the lip balm...


  9. emmiedarling - You're welcome, I hope the review was helpful. Unfortunately this is the only product I've tried but I have heard good things about the rest of the range x

  10. This product looks good...
    come and visitxxxthe cookies


  11. samecookiesdifferent - Glad you like it x

  12. This sounds lovely hun and fresh!
    I have dry skin so tend to stay away from foam/wash cleansers, I have Elemis's Pro-Radiance Cream Cleasner and LOVE LOVE LOVE it :) x

  13. Sherrie - It really is, the pro-radiance cleanser sounds lovely too, would be great as a make up remover in the evening x

  14. I haven't tried any of the FreshSkin products yet, but I've been hearing good things about them! x

  15. missy_ellie_uk- Same, most of the reviews have been very positive. The lipbalm is next on my list :) x


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