Naked care mild shampoo review

A few weeks ago, my Liz Earle shampoo ran out, and after just a few uses of normal shampoo, my scalp was a mess, so in desperation I popped into Boots and picked up a bottle of Naked sensitive shampoo. I'd previously tried their volumising shampoo and wasn't impressed, but I'm pleased to say this one is a lot nicer.

As it's SLS free, it doesn't foam up as much as a normal shampoo, but as long as my hair is soaking wet and I work the product into my hair, I still get a decent amount of foam and it leaves my hair feeling nice and clean.

My biggest problem with their volumising shampoo was that it left my hair feeling stripped and tangled, but this one is more moisturising, so although it rinses away easily, I'm still left with soft shiny hair. Best of all, it's completely soothed my scalp.

At £4.07 this is one of the cheapest SLS free shampoos available, and it is easily available on the high street so I would definitely recommend, especially if you suffer from a sensitive or irritated scalp.

Have you tried any products from Naked? What's your favourite SLS free shampoo?


  1. I'm currently using the Shine shampoo by Naked and the Gentle Conditioner and I swear my hair has improved greatly, as has my scalp. I used Aussie shampoo for one week and the SLSs caused major irriation which then went away after using Naked. I might try this one next :]x

  2. Jenny- I'm sure my hair feels thicker and less fragile when I use SLS free shampoo as well. Hope you like this one too x

  3. I've been happy with my Naked Shampoo too, and it makes James' hair smell like patchouli I don't know how he's managed that? :D

  4. Skin Scrubs - Glad you like it too, which one is James using? I'm so glad I gave the brand another go x

  5. i'm having quite an itchy scalp at the moment which is horrible, i should definitely try this. i saw some naked products in the poundshop near me a while back but never tried them, keep going back to check again but no luck! xx

  6. Jessica- They sometimes have them on offer in Boots as well although it won't be as cheap as the poundshop. Definitely give SLS free shampoos a try, it made such a big difference to my scalp x

  7. You have the cutest blog in the world! I love it.. Hahah! I haven't tried an SLS free shampoo as yet although I've heard that people do notice that their hair is a lot smoother.

    Do check my blog and follow:


  8. Hina Y - Thank you! You should definitely give them a go, my scalp is in a much better condition and my hair feels thicker as well x


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