Project bathroom update- May

After my last project bathroom update, I made a real effort to stick to just one product at a time, and as a result, I've managed to finish 8 full sized items in 2 months, which I'm quite pleased about:

Liz Earle botanical shine shampoo
Mitchum unperfumed deodrant
Aveeno hand cream with colloidal oatmeal
The Body Shop earth lovers watermelon and eucalyptus shower gel
Burts Bees shea & grapefruit deep conditioner
Biotherm aquasource skin perfection moisturiser
Tresemme dry shampoo for normal to oily hair
Lush sea vegetable soap (not pictured)

Rather annoyingly, I have several products with just a few applications left, including an eye cream which seems never ending, but hopefully they'll get used up soon and I'll have finished even more products the next time I do a project bathroom update.

Are you also doing something similar? If so how are you getting on?


  1. Nice pile, I cant seem to finish anything Im using.. it jsut keeps on going lol.

    Ms Red

  2. I just posted mine yesterday I managed to finish 23 things in two months. I think that's because alot of them were near the end anyway.

    Going to do another update at the end of July so hopefully that should get rid of some of my older stuff.

    Well done - finishing things is strangely fun!

  3. Oh yes, I should do a similar project. Well, I kinda do, but sometimes I am just too lazy to apply masks, creams, etc! And I have a few of those! Must stay motivated though, I might do a post as well! Thank you!

  4. Hello! Like you, I have been using many items at a go but I have finally settled down and started working on using everything up! I managed to finish using a grand total of 9 products and they went up on the blog yesterday =) It's that sense of satisfaction you get when you've finally finished using stuff up, isn't it? ;)

  5. Ms Red - Thanks, haha I know that feeling well, I'm convinced my eye cream is bottomless! Keep going though, I'm sure you'll have lots of empties very soon x

    Skin Scrubs - Thanks, it really is satisfying when you get to the bottom of a product. Well done on finishing so many in such a short time x

    Ms Bubu - You're welcome, and good luck with your project, it'll be worth it when you finish some products and it's nice to pamper yourself as well x

    S - It certainly is :) well done on finishing those 9 products x

    rach. - Thanks x

  6. YES! I have about 5 cleansers. Must get through these immediately!

  7. nice idea :) I am doing bad...all are piling so I have stopped giving into my whims and trying to finish one at a time!!!

  8. productdoctor - Haha good luck! x

    swati- It's the best way :) it takes so long to finish something unless you stick to one at a time! x

    Jazzy E (hivenn) - Thanks x

  9. Well done on your project bathroom results so far :)

    I decided to do something similar when I moved out but didn't really record anything so I couldn't see my progress. But since April I have recorded it, and I've used up 18 products (alot were samples and small things). It's really encouraging me to spend alot less on toiletries though :)

    Fiona x

  10. Fiona - Thank you, and well done on your progress. It's so much more encouraging when you make a record of the empties and can see how well you're doing x

  11. Yeah I did the same thing time for a change up

  12. RAW Fashion Magazine - well done x


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